Watch: Indians Who Rose To Global Glory At The Olympics

Made the country proud!

The Olympic Games is the world’s most respected sports event and all the world’s highly trained athletes participate in it. For some athletes, doing well at the Olympics and getting their country a medal, is the only thing they work for in the years between two consecutive Olympics.

Indians too have done well at the world stage. Even though there are very few Olympic medal winners from India, our sports stars have made us proud.

Starting as early as 1928, the men’s hockey team winning gold medals and doing the same in many subsequent Olympics, to our latest superstar Sakshi Malik becoming the first Indian female wrestler to win an Olympic medal, our country has come very far.

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Today, we bring to you, a compilation of all the individual Olympic medal winners from India who rose to global glory. The condition of sports in India might not be that good, but the spirit of sportsmanship has always been strong.

Hope we get more and more shining stars in the near future and keep the spirit of sports alive in India!

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