It’s been a year since COVID hit us, but sadly, the pandemic doesn’t seem to be going away soon. With a new mutant coronavirus strain emerging, people are getting restless now.

A lot of people want everything to go back to their normal routine and are frustrated with these harsh COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines imposed by their respective governments. 

This frustration has led some people to perform some very irresponsible acts to demonstrate their anger.

One such incident took place in Russia where many couples protested against COVID-19 restrictions by kissing in the very busy and jam-packed Yekaterinburg Metro.

Couples kissing in Yekaterinburg Metro, Russia as a symbol against COVID-19 restrictions

Let us look at some other incidents around the world when people protested against the deadly coronavirus and the restrictions imposed to safeguard people.

USA Protests

Even though the USA is the worst-hit country when it comes to the pandemic, many Americans continue to protest against the COVID-19 restrictions. Many anti-lockdown protests took place in states such as Michigan, Texas, Pennsylvania and even Washington which had the highest number of COVID infected patients.

Many protesters in the USA deliberately blocked the roads, honking continuously and waving signs like “Land of the free.”

Others showed their anger by gathering in close vicinity, booming loud music and shouting slogans to end the lockdown.

In the above image, the woman protestor shouted, “Land of the free. Go to China if you want Communism. Go to China. You go to work, why can’t I go to work?”

“This is a free country.”

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UK Protests

Thousands of protestors gathered at many public places across the country like the Trafalgar Square, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow, Belfast and many other cities. 

Many prominent personalities like Mark Steele and anti-vaxxer activist Kate Shemirani famously claimed that the coronavirus pandemic is just a “hoax” and “does not exist”.

Anti-vaxxer activist Kate Shemirani addressing anti-mask protestors

Canada Protests

Protestors in Canada held massive rallies in downtown Montreal after the Canadian government made mask-wearing compulsory in public places due to COVID-19 restrictions.

India Protests

Even though most Indians graciously abided by all the decisions and norms set by the government to prevent the spread of coronavirus, India did see some series of protests against the COVID-19 restrictions.

Protests were seen at Marine Drive, Mumbai where protestors were demonstrating against compulsory mask-wearing in public places.

The protestors argued that “If the 6-feet (distance) works, then why the mask? If both work, why the lockdown? If all three work, why the vaccine? If the vaccine is safe, why ‘No Liability’ clause?”

It is funny that people are protesting against masks and vaccines and conjuring conspiracy theories against the coronavirus and their government, even after witnessing rising numbers of coronavirus infections across the globe.

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Sources: News 18, The Indian Express, Mid-day

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