Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, not a day has passed without talking about the same. As the world witnesses a spike in the number of infections with each passing day; there comes a lot of rumors and false claims associated with the disease and its cure.

Understanding the severity of the disease, people are ready to do anything to gain protection against the virus. Sadly people, all over the world are falling prey to all those things that claim to act as a preventive measure to fight the virus.

While scientists and researchers from the world are still struggling to develop a vaccine or a robust anti-COVID drug; there are some manufacturers who are selling products in the name of fighting the coronavirus.

These companies are indulging in dirty marketing by playing with people’s sentiments so as to make huge profits for themselves.

These companies are not only selling their product as anti-COVID devices but also are guilty of providing people a false sense of safety to people without any scientific proof or backing. Talking of the same, here are some falsely claimed anti-COVID devices you need to know about.

A Card To Protect You From Infection?

A card listed as “virus shut out”, “air doctor” is gaining popularity in the online market that claims of providing protection against coronavirus by acting as a preventive measure.

The card that is acting as a disposable sterilization card says that it contains chlorine oxide which sanitizes the air around you when worn like a necklace. This “COVID-19 removal card” is believed to prevent the air transmission of the virus.

However, scientists have denied any such claim stating that these cards are used to disinfect water and has not shown any efficiency in killing coronavirus.

Still, such a scam is spreading like wildfire especially in countries like Lebanon, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

The card is also available in India at a price of 1800 INR on India Mart and various online sites. So, make sure you are not falling to such pity marketing tactics and abstain from buying anything blindly.

A Ring That Detects Corona Just On Its Contact

Another device that has been doing rounds in the market as a COVID protector product is a smart ring. The ring that comes with a heart rate monitor and skin temperature sensors is exclusively advertised as a COVID protector for NBA( basketball) players.

According to the product claims, the ring can detect coronavirus infection three days before showing any symptoms of the disease.

Learning about the alleged selling of such an ornament, McGill University of Canada came forward with a report flagging the product as falsely claimed due to insufficient scientific research and testing.

The maker of the ring is negligent of such authority and still goes on spreading the news that they have conducted research with West Virginia University in a private study.

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The ring is being sold at a high price of 22,000 INR and still scientifically inadequate to live up to its claims.

Moreover, buying such faulty devices also puts you at risk of attaining false security which in turn can aggravate your chances of catching a virus infection.

So it is better advised to have your safety in your hands and not shell out money to such bogus promises.

What’s The Alternative?

While understanding that the entire world is in a very vulnerable position and are scraping for novel ways of adapting to the aftermath of the pandemic, does not mean one should make a fool of themselves by believing such iffy claims.

Keep yourself updated about the latest discoveries about the virus infection and make sure to cross-check the scientific backing before buying any anti-COVID like-product.

Taking basic measures like wearing masks, social distancing, restraining unnecessary movement, using handwashes and sterilization, etc are also just enough ways to protect yourself from COVID infection.

No need to spend a hefty amount of money on fancy anti-COVID products which are good for nothing in reality and instead can make you more gullible.

That’s why it is recommended to be a smart buyer and a smarter citizen!

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Sources: Consumer Report, BBC +more

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