Coronavirus has made people adapt to the novelty of living with masks and social distancing. After a strict lockdown of 2 months, the government finally ordered to open religious places during its ‘Unlock 1.0’ phase. Following the same, temples and mosques are open to devotees now and people are strictly advised to follow social distancing while offering prayers.

Amidst the same, a Muslim mechanic from Madhya Pradesh has developed a contactless bell for temples that rings by sensing the presence of the devotee inside the temple.

A Contactless Bell?

Nahru Khan, a Muslim mechanic from Madhya Pradesh has developed a bell for a temple in Mandsaur that rings even without being touched. He developed the bell by fitting a sensor to it. The bell automatically rings when it senses any object one and a half feet around it.


Such an innovation at Pashupatinath temple in Mandsaur is perhaps one of its kind in not only in the state of Madhya Pradesh but also in the whole of India. The devotees are very happy over the installation of this contactless bell as it keeps the spirit of worshipping alive while ensuring safety and social distancing. An overwhelmed Kailash Pandit, who happens to be the priest of the temple says,

“It’s a contact-less bell. It rings just when any devotee or priest gesticulates at ringing the bell from a distance of feet and half. This is an ultimate gift to our temple from Nahru Khan, who truly represents the pluralistic fabric that our country is proud of!”

He is happy to see the Hindu-Muslim harmony in his town especially at a time when there is so much tension between the two communities.

How Did Nahru Get The Idea Of A Contactless Bell?

Nahru, who is a mechanic by profession has always been fascinated by innovation. Earlier, he also made soundproof generators and presented them to Hindu temples in Mandsaur. When asked about that what drove him to develop such a bell, he says, “How can we see Azaans happening at mosques, but the Shiva temple being bereft of the resonance of bell?  I thought of doing something to make the bell contactless, but yet its spiritual sound resonating the entire temple, and finally, my idea of fitting the bell with the sensor clicked. It’s my gift to the temple and its devotees.”

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His thought behind such has a gesture was evidently heartwarming and gives us the taste of the “unity in diversity-based” culture in India. Soon, the news went viral on social media and netizens were happy to see such an effort from a Muslim man for a Hindu Temple. Twitter witnessed an overwhelming response for the same. Some of them read like,


What’s More?

However, this is not the first time Nahru Khan has come up with something innovative for the people of his town. According to reports, Nehru is a grade 3 school dropout but is an innovator and engineer by instinct. During the pandemic, he developed a Light Motor Vehicle Sanitizing Machine and Human Sanitizing Machine for the people of his town all on his own and with limited resources. Besides, he has also donated soundless power generators for temples, including the Pashupatinath Temple and Nalcha Mata Temple, both in Mandsaur district, in the past.

A  humble man with an aim to help people, Nehru invested all the earnings from his NK Engineering and Electricals unit for arranging food daily for around 2000 people amid this COVID-19 pandemic. I don’t want anything for developing the sensor powered bell at the Pashupathinath Temple, all I want is to pray to the God to rid us all from this killer COVID-19 pandemic,” said Nahru Khan.

The fact that a Muslim man is selflessly helping and contributing to a Hindu temple is itself beautiful and preserves the inter-religious harmony of the country. Evidently, in such dark times, people like Nahru Khan show us the light and make us believe in humanity again. We wish him all the best for his future.

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Sources: News18, Indian Express, NDTV

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