We all know Indian Cinema is not restricted to just Bollywood. Regional cinemas have their own loyal fan base too. For instance, the Telugu Film Industry has a world-wide audience. On the other hand, both Bengali and Malayalam cinema always receive critical appreciation for their craft. 

Bollywood has a tendency of remaking regional cinema. Movies like Bhool Bhulaiyaa, Hera Pheri and Kabir Singh of the recent times, all are the adaptations of South Indian cinema.

Be it Telugu movie Arjun Reddy or Bollywood remake Kabir Singh – both the movies had faced backlash because of their portrayal of toxic masculinity. Many have said that protagonists like Kabir Singh can influence audiences to be or do wrong. 

Very interestingly, there are numerous mindful regional films that never received any appreciation from Bollywood. Those movies not only were critically acclaimed but gave very strong messages and set their benchmark.

If remakes are made of these regional movies, they can surely reach a wider audience and can enrich with good sense. 

Here are top 5 regional movies which deserve Bollywood remakes:

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Have you watched any of these regional films? If so, share your views with us in the comment section. 

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