Along the lines of countries like the US, UK, Australia, Italy and Canada, now India is also encountering protests against precautionary measures adopted to curb COVID-19 being imposed upon the public as strict rules.

The importance of precautionary measures like face masks, gloves, social distancing, hand washing, etc. has not only pervaded India but the whole world ever since we came to terms with the coronavirus. 

In India, almost the entire population decently cooperated with the lockdown decisions of the government and abided by all the set norms. 

But recently, a spate of protests was seen arising across India where people were spotted echoing their contradicting thoughts on the compulsion to wear a face mask in public places. 

Mumbai Witnessed The Protest  

Recently, a group of people thronged Marine Drive, Mumbai with posters in their hands that read comments full of interrogation and dissatisfaction.

One of the posters read, “If the 6-feet (distance) works, then why the mask? If both work, why the lockdown? If all three work, why the vaccine? If the vaccine is safe, why ‘No Liability’ clause?”

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The protesters are being wary of masks and any vaccine against COVID-19, which is yet to be rolled out soon.

We are against masks because they are not effective. They have downstream health consequences for many. Health ministry came out and said last week that they want to use vaccination as a way to let people travel, like some kind of an immunity passport. So, what they are essentially saying is that if you have a vaccine you are allowed to go everywhere and implicitly making it obvious that if you do not have the vaccine, your travel would be limited,” said Yohan Tengra, a protestor at Marine Drive.

People across the world are enraged at the perceived infringement on their freedom.  

Ever since the world first found traces of the deadly COVID-19, several studies have been conducted to gain scientific evidence on the efficacy of face masks.

Why Should We Not Protest? 

As per a report by Nature, a leading multidisciplinary science journal of Britain, there are some previously found scientific arguments in support of using masks, and recent studies also suggest that they could save lives as they are capable of cutting down the chances of both transmitting and catching the coronavirus. 

Studies also hint at the efficiency of masks in reducing the severity of infection if people come in contact with the disease. 

Situational evidence of the same lies in the fact that the Black Lives Matter protests in the US did not become a cause of the upsurge in the infections as the protesters were mostly wearing face masks.  

In a response to the newly arisen aggravation of people, Dr. Anant Bhan, a researcher of Bioethics and Health Policy at Global Health, said, “The point is there is a lot of evidence to demonstrate that masks protect you, they are not 100 per cent efficient. But then, what is when it comes to COVID-19?…while wearing a mask may seem like a cumbersome exercise for many, it has to be worn because of the protection it offers. Just like wearing a helmet while driving isn’t particularly convenient for instance, but people wear it, for safety reasons. 

In the matter of the vaccine, it’s all about hit and trial as of now. Researchers across the world are putting the best of their efforts in discovering a cure to the virus, with the least number of or no side-effects at all on the recipients.  

A vaccine is a cardinal tool in combating the pandemic, and hence, the world is hoping for successful trials of vaccine candidates so that it would become easy to confide in vaccination for all. 

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Sources: Mid-day, News18, Nature 

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  1. First and foremost it is not a pandemic. There is no evidence. It is a tool of deep state to create the new world order in which a few control the entire world. Eugenics.


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