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Meet Rob Ratin: A Story Of How Shopify And eCommerce Have Enabled Success At A Young Age


Over these past few months, a new generation of entrepreneurs have proven their ability to create and scale pandemic-proof businesses. As brick-and-mortar retailers are closing at an unprecedented rate, eCommerce businesses are experiencing tremendous growth. Rob Ratin and his clients’ Shopify stores are no exception to this rule. 

Amidst the craziness of current times, some young individuals like Rob are getting creative with their entrepreneurial intuition. While many are losing their jobs and their will to stay sane, others are thinking outside of the box. Young professionals are pivoting into the internet marketing space and building their own online brands and agencies. 

Rob, a Brooklyn born-and-raised entrepreneur, has had a nag for business ever since he could remember. From buying and reselling high-end clothing to investing into collectibles, he always knew he would end up somewhere in the entrepreneurial space. As he grew older, his particular niche became digital marketing and e-commerce. 

Over the last few years, him and his partner were able to build multiple e-commerce stores based around dropshipping products, and scale these ventures beyond expectations, at fast speeds. During the pandemic, their agency, Pluto Ad Agency Inc., which was previously concentrated as being an umbrella for their own ventures, opened up its doors to new clientele throughout the world. Seeing instant results, this business, like their others, has scaled rapidly. 

How are they able to achieve such amazing results? Rob repeatedly mentions how it’s due to vertically integrating every aspect of the business. Building a dedicated, in-house team of web developers and marketers is the primary attribution Rob gives to his success, and is what allows him to maintain complete transparency within both his own ventures and the ventures his agency runs for clients. 

Rob states, “It’s a lot easier in any business to hire a third party to manage certain services. And it’s a lot easier for them to do the bare minimum- after all, they’re still getting paid. But are you certain you’re getting the best quality of work done? Are you certain your clients are being properly taken care of and getting the results they’re looking for?”

Offering web-design and marketing services, Rob and his agency assist and consult e-commerce and Shopify brands. His reasoning for this is to allow people to create a source of income by building profitable brands around their passion. His agency’s Shopify automation services open up investment opportunities and mutually beneficial partnerships for prospective clients. 

During a recent interview in New York City, we asked Rob about what he had in mind for the long-term. He smirked as if he already had something up his sleeve, and calmly said that his vision is ultimately to provide high-quality educational services to others for free. Rob envisions creating an online platform based on free financial education.

“People sell courses for money because it’s profitable. I want to make a platform completely designed around financial education, whether it be digital marketing, trading stocks, learning how to file a tax return- the list can go on and on. And I want it to be free of charge. To monetize this, I’d have marketers advertise on this platform, whether it be an app or website, the same way your favorite apps or websites have ads. But ultimately I want it to be free for the user, and profitable for me so I can keep reinvesting and improving it. I just need the resources and the infrastructure. The framework is already there.”

If you want to learn more about Rob and potentially work with his agency, be sure to follow him on Instagram @Rob_Ratin and @Pluto_Ad_Agency for the latest updates on his work and agency programs. 

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