Mumbai Police is known for its efficiency and helpfulness. Over the years, they have managed to protect the beautiful city and stood on the frontlines during any crisis.

In a recent example, during the protests regarding CAA and NRC, Mumbai Police handled the situation with utmost care and responsibility. The result? No violence and the protests went smoothly.

Appreciation poured in from every corner of India, for their approach towards citizens, and their helpful nature.

Additionally, the Mumbai Police shines online as well. Their social media accounts are full of witty and creative posts, conveying the desired messages with a dash of humour.

Here are a few such posts, which will leave you admiring the Mumbai Police, a bit more:

1. When the meme game is on, Mumbai Police se behtar kon?

2. The mask is the beginning and the mask is the end

3. Know your real F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

4. Could they be more ‘Cooler’?

5. One for the legend

6. Mumbai Police’s tribute to the real superheroes

7. T-Rex is smart. T-Rex doesn’t violate the rules. T-Rex wears a mask. Be like T-Rex.

8. I’d select the first option any day

9. Turning Ludo over its head

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11. A good social media page is up to date with the trends. Mumbai Police is a good social media page.

12. Pure Savage

13. Wished Coronavirus was a cake

14. 12345 to their user

15. Get Phished, Do Not.

16. Hoping Mumbai Police never follows me

The Indian Police doesn’t have the best image. People are scared to approach the police, because of the rumours surrounding them. In movies too, they are shown as corrupt and violent. 

However, the Mumbai Police are trying to break this stigma, one post at a time.

Image Credits: @MumbaiPolice, @mumbaipolice

Sources: Times of India, Mumbai Police Twitter, Mumbai Police IG

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