Bradley Hart, 48, is an artist who creates extraordinary artworks by injecting paint into bubble wrap using nearly 4000 syringes at a time.

The popping bubble wrap has to be the most satisfying thing and people love to do it but according to Bradley, it drives him nuts because bubble wrap is precious to him. Of course, it is precious to him, it’s his canvas.

He is a New York-based artist who transforms bubble wrap into pixelated masterpieces of art.

His idea is to cover walls with his bubble wrap art. But this idea of covering walls with bubble wrap, as wallpaper isn’t new. It was invented in 1957 and was originally made to be used as wallpaper but the concept got lost in time.

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After researching, Bradley found that bubble wrap was used as wallpaper and this gave him the great idea of creating art wall covers.

The colour placement is planned using a top-secret custom made algorithm. Each bubble is injected individually with acrylic paint. 

It takes him around three weeks to a month to create a painting. On average, it takes Hart about 150 hours to finish each injection work. He spends weeks turning the ubiquitous packing material into art, from portraits of Albert Einstein and Biggie Smalls to scenes of Wall Street and Central Park.

“It’s a quintessential dumb material that I love to use so much,” exclaims Hart.

Up-close they look like a lot of bubbles of paint, but when a viewer stands back, they can see the tiny dots make up a massive masterpiece. The subjects of Hart’s paintings, ranging from portraiture of celebrities and friends to full-scale scenery and snapshots of life, come from his photograph collection.

Isn’t it fascinating how a common and mundane packing material can be turned into massive extraordinary artworks?

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Sources: Artsy , Design Boom , CBS NEWS

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