I bet there’s nothing the world desires more than a COVID-19 cure. Everyone wants this pandemic done and dusted, and to return to their normal lives. Researchers are working day and night to find a cure and it looks like their efforts are finally paying off.

Out of more than 100 candidates, a few of them have reached the human trials stage. This in itself is a huge feat, considering that we haven’t even completed a year with the virus. Hopefully, we never do.

Here’s the list of the organizations which have managed to reach human trials:

1. Moderna

Moderna is currently considered as the top contender to find a cure. They successfully completed Phase 1 of human trials.

With the second phase commencing shortly and the third phase lined up for July, Moderna is cementing its place in this race.

2. Oxford University

Oxford University was one of the institutions to have a major breakthrough in the quest of a vaccine. The human trials began on April 23 constituting of 1102 people.

However, the recent results in monkeys have raised some doubts. While the infection in lungs was cured, the virus kept replicating in their nostrils.

3. BioNTech and Pfizer

The partnership between these two pharmaceutical giants has resulted in BNT162, their attempt at a COVID-19 vaccine. Trials have begun in both Germany and the U.S. with 200 people aged 18-55. The data obtained will be a key factor, as it comes from two different regions.

4. Inovio Pharmaceuticals

The U.S based biotech company has developed the vaccine INO-4800 to fight against the virus. The test phase 1 which began last month with 40 participants will yield results by late June.

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5. CanSino Biologics Inc-Beijing Institute of Biotechnology

CanSino Biologics and the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology have seen success earlier in this field. The human trials started on March 16, with 108 participants. The study is expected to conclude by December end.

6. Sinovac

Sinovac is also looking to launch its third phase of trials in regions where the coronavirus is still spreading, as reported by Livemint. This will help in understanding the relationship between disease incidence and vaccination.

7. Wuhan Institute of Biological Products Inc – Sinopharm

Sinopharm Group has also tied up with other organizations to find a cure. With Wuhan Institute of Biological Products, their phase 1 has 96 participants in three different age groups. All the participants were injected with the vaccine on April 23.

We are going through some really tough and testing times that none of us foresaw. The coronavirus can only be eliminated completely with a permanent cure.

The race to find this cure is one with a grand prize at the end. Apart from curing millions of people, the organizations also stand a chance to gain heavy profits and a name for themselves.

But this healthy competition is good, as it only decreases the distance between humanity and the cure, at a much faster rate.

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Sources: Business Times, Economic Times, The New York Times.

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