While the world is sinking deep with the rise of coronavirus, China has been on the receiving end of collective angst among people. It is believed that coronavirus originated in the Chinese city, Wuhan before it spread across the world creating chaos. Therefore, countries are preparing to boycott trade with China and India has finally joined the movement.

Recently, Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, addressed the nation and encouraged Indians to buy local. Modi’s ‘vocal for local’ movement is an attempt to make India self reliant.

Following the speech, #ckmkb started trending on twitter supporting the Prime Minister’s decision.

If you want to be a part of the movement, here are a few things and apps you must avoid –


India depends on China for toys as it is cheaper compared to any other nations which mirrors its cheap quality which is somehow neglected by the Indians. Chinese toys have been banned before due to public health and concerns but after few regulations it was back on its feet.

However, there are various Indian brands that can replace Chinese toys if we play an active role. Here’s a list of kid’s brand made in India –

• Smartivity Labs, provides a local alternative to LEGO.

• Brainsmith consists of various wooden toys, flashcards and storybooks for children between 0-8 years.

• Channapatna toys, made of wood, which were recently distributed to children going back to the village on the special trains in order to promote local artisans are manufactures in Channapatna town, Bengaluru.

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Decoration Pieces/ Household items –

Every year in Diwali, string of whatsapp forwards fill our phones urging us to buy diyas and decor items from the poor. Majority of items sold at shops including needles, diyas, leds, decorative lights, threads are made in China and heavily sold in India. However, various companies in India manufacture few products which may be a bit heavy on your pockets but will provide a greater shelf life.

Shien/Club Factory-

Apparels and accessories selling app, Shien and Club Factory have gained momentum in the past few years. Every teenager shells out a huge amount of money on clothes imported from these brands.

Reason being their low-cost products which are stylish. However, to participate in the #ckmkb movement one must buy from local stores and always check for the ‘made in India’ tag.

Here are few Indian brands which you thought were foreign –

• American Swan

• Pantaloons

• Biotique

• Louis Philippe

• Peter England

• Westside

• Allen Solly

• Raymond

• Monte Carlo

• Da Milano


Truecaller is increasingly famous and used by almost every individual to keep a check on the phone calls received as it displays the owner of the number even if you don’t have it saved. On the other hand, Shareit is a file and data sharing app much quicker than Bluetooth.

Instead of TrueCaller, you can use the Indian alternative, Hike which also identifies unknown numbers after you activate it in the settings. As an alternative to Shareit, SHAREall is an Indian app that offers the same features.

Cam scanner-

Microsoft Office Lens is a better document scanner and has higher security compared to Cam Scanner. Microsoft being an established and trustworthy company, you can expect to receive the best.

The government of India has been taking measured steps to set up manufacturing hubs in India. They have even found alternative sources for raw materials imported from China in the past.

They plan on levying heavy duty on importing finished goods, while raw products to become increasingly cheap.

Let’s be Vocal for Local! Jai Hind!

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