Coronavirus, coronavirus, and coronavirus. We all are fed up with this word. It has caused serious damage to many lives which is irrevocable.

Earlier, we were so swamped with our lives and now we struggle for every second of time. Especially, that class of people who are fully dependent on their daily wages for their livelihood.

COVID-19 has created havoc worldwide. Originated from Wuhan, it has now taken over the whole world. According to a recent report, 4,181,300 people have been infected with coronavirus worldwide out of which 283,878 have lost their lives and 1,493,534 have recovered. There are 2,403,888 active cases that are being treated.

This virus has not only grievously affected mankind but has taken the world economy to a standstill.  According to a report by Economic Times “The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has revised its global GDP growth estimate from 3.3% just three months ago to a contraction of 3%, something not seen since the Great Depression of the 1930s”.

When Will This Pandemic End?

Everybody is waiting for the day when we would be set free to openly shake hands, attend gatherings, go to our favorite restaurant, hang out with friends, and what not. But as the curve is getting steeper day by day, we could see ourselves sitting at home doing nothing but waiting for that one day.

However, according to researchers at Singapore’s University of Technology and Design (SUTD), we may finally have the dates. They have given certain timelines regarding the end of the pandemic.

According to their research, the world would be free of this deadly virus up to 97% by May 29, up to 99% by June 16 and 100% realization of the expected cases by November 26. This may bring a ray of hope in our lives but only if we follow the sway of lockdown.

Good News For India

According to Times of India, “In India May 24 could be the end date of coronavirus as per estimates made by the Singapore-based data lab. The end date does not mean the end of coronavirus in India but the date by when 97% of the total expected coronavirus cases in India will be realized and, 99% by June 20. Only by August 1, will India be able to realize 100% of the total expected cases of coronavirus. May 24 is the start of the green region in the graph.”

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End Of COVID-19 In Various Countries

The Singapore-based data lab has given different timelines for various countries for the virus to get completely thrown away. Let’s have a look:

Country 97% Realization 99% Realization 100% Realization
U.S.  May 15 May 27 September 5
UK May 19 May 29 August 20
Italy May 9 May 23 August 30
Spain May 2 May 14 August 2
Japan May 17 June 2 August 18
Australia April 18 April 25 June 3
Bahrain July 6


September 4


April 6


Qatar August 5


August 26




Countries Where COVID-19 Has Already Lost

Various nations have already defeated coronavirus according to the researchers. They reported that the virus has theoretically come to an end in China on April 9, although, small numbers of cases are being reported till now.

In South Korea and New Zealand also the pandemic has ended on April 27 and May 11 respectively. Iceland and Vietnam too could close their coronavirus look book in May.

Some Important Footnotes Provided By SUTD

The STDU data-driven innovation lab mentioned that these results will be possible only when:

1) Countries take extra care in preventing the spread of the virus because country vise curves are interdependent i.e., one country’s situation will affect another.

2) Countries must be transparent with their data, China is a country too.

3) International Borders should not be opened until the pandemic ends worldwide.

4) Lockdown and social distancing measures should not be lifted in a hurry.

The day is not far away when we would get back to our normal lives.

What we need is to be patient, calm, and disciplined during social distancing.

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Source: Economic Times, India Today, Wionews

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