Pandemics and wars have gone hand in hand with life on earth since time immemorial. Mankind has modified and adjusted to the consequences of these crises time and again.

The world is grappling with yet another pandemic now, one which can only be controlled by maintaining complete social distancing.

Countries across the world have imposed lockdowns to maintain the same and life has come to a sudden halt for us.

The initial weeks were extremely difficult. After all, human beings are known to be social butterflies! But the best part about mankind is their ability to hastily adapt to a given situation.

Going out and socializing has been heavily restricted in the face of this novel coronavirus. Hence to cope with the situation, people started coming up with various other options that they could indulge, engage and amuse themselves with.

Though the government has only allowed regulated essential products in the market for the period of lockdown, here is a list of non-essentials that have continued to be in constant demand, despite the pandemic-induced lockdown.

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These non-essentials have been doing quite well even during this period of utter distress for the human race. Most of them are a result of technology becoming so highly advanced today.

But that’s not the sole reason for the existence of these services. There are a few which have been around since the world wars and have passed the test against many such catastrophes.

The Internet has helped us all stay connected during this hour of crisis. It has also helped people know the bizarre methods that few have adopted to cope with this new way of life at home.

These non-essential services have been a great example of the saying – ‘Necessity is the mother of invention!’

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Sources: BookMyShow, Hindustan Times, Indian Express + More

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