It has never been hidden that men or anyone for that matter can be extremely sexist at times.

However, you are somehow always surprised when met with the reality of it, something that has recently happened with the expose of the Lawsikho dating webinar.

Videos and clips of how a men’s only webinar on Zoom was telling problematic things to impressionable men has been doing the rounds on social media for a day or two now.

Here I’ve taken a look at some of the most sexist things that they said.

Watch the entire webinar here and don’t miss to see the part when a woman questions the founder about something very simple and basic, in a rather normal way, and he pounces back at her with anger, cause that it seems is the only thing toxic men seem to have.

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More importantly, why was it men’s only? Why was a law coaching website hosting such a webinar? And what makes them love gurus? Based on what qualification or life experience?


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Sources: Bar and Bench, Newshoundindiafoundation’s Instagram

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