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4 Yoga Asanas That Are Great For Burning Calories


By Body Art Fitness Centres

Nawaz Modi Singhania is the founder of Body Art Fitness Centres, a chain of gyms in South Mumbai. Since 1992, Body Art is dominating the position of one of the best gyms in South Mumbai with its sea-facing centre on Marine Drive & in the heart of town at Hughes Road. Also regarded as one of the best gyms in North Mumbai, Body Art has two centres at Upper Juhu Circle & at thane. Aside from the basic gym offering, Body Art has a wide variety of fitness services available which is their USP & how they set themselves apart from the rest as the best gym in Mumbai.

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Surya Namaskar-

Sun Salutations are often the building blocks of a Yoga class. Initially, they are done slowly while one is learning.  Once correct alignment & form is understood, then they are done fast. Speed is key to increasing the number of calories burnt. There are various types of Surya Namaskars & they are repeated every now & then, often peppered right through the session.

Feet together, knees a bit bent, Samasthiti haye (i.e. the ready pose or Namaste). Backbend with arms extended up overhead joined in prayer, arms circling out by side while standing upright, round over flopping forward & down with straight legs, hands reach to the floor, flatten back out parallel to the floor (also called ‘coffee table’ back), palms to the floor on either side of feet while knees are bent, leap backwards stretching the body out, bend elbows & lower the body to the floor (but it doesn’t touch the floor– if one can help it), arch & lookup (called ‘upward dog’), hips up, look down (called ‘downward dog’), legs step apart a bit to have feet shoulder-width apart, with equal weight distribution on hands & feet. Hold the position while holding stomach in, attempting to look back at the stomach. Leap forward, feet between the hands & knees bent, flatten the back out, parallel to the floor, flop over with a rounded back to the floor,  knees a bit bent, backbend with arms extended up overhead joined in prayer, arms out by side & in a Samasthiti haye. That’s it. Repeat 1-2 times slowly & then do another 2-3 a bit faster.

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Hand-to-foot Triangle Pose-

Standing with legs together & straight in Samasthiti haye, leap backwards with legs splitting apart wide & arms out in a lateral lift position all at once. Tilt down to the right side & hook a finger around the big toe of the right foot. Keep the hips unmoved. Pull the gut in. Look up at left hand which should be diagonally lifted by now. Hold for about 15-20 seconds. To come out of the position, stand back up with arms in lateral lift position & leap forward with feet together & hands in Samasthiti haye all at once. Repeat, but on the left arm & side this time.

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Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)

Dhanurasana or the Bow Pose has you manoeuvre your body in the shape of a bow. Working on flexibility, endurance and a large number of full-body muscles. Lying flat on the stomach, bend the legs up behind you. Hold the ankles. Lift the upper & lower body simultaneously. Hold the pose for a few moments. Relax & repeat again.  

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Or the upward-facing plank. Working many muscle groups of the upper, middle & lower body simultaneously. Sit with your legs extended in front, hands placed a bit behind the hips, fingers facing forward. Lift the hips up so that the shoulders, hips & ankles form a straight, diagonal line. Don’t lock the elbows or knees back. Hold the pose for a few moments. Relax & repeat again.

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