Needless to say, even if it has been 17 years ever since the last episode of Friends was aired, the comedy series has left a huge impact on the hearts of its audience. Having a bad day? Grab some ice cream and watch Friends as it is one of those shows that’ll always make you laugh irrespective of how many times you watch it.

Even though Friends has its own set of flaws, and idiosyncrasies it still remains the number one comfort show. We have been in love with almost every character from Monica’s quirkiness and dedication, to Phoebe’s wisdom and weirdness, from Chandler’s wit and sarcasm to Joey’s loyalty and love for food, from Rachel’s fashion sense to Ross’ sense of dedication.

It almost feels like we grew up with these characters. Once you get into it, you’ll encounter the meaning of life and how it is meant to be lived. You’ll see all of them struggling but maintaining a firm grip on reality, dealing all these with laughter and love.

You’ll see yourself as one of them or just another person who’s with them all the time. Dealing with everything they are dealing. You’ll find yourself constantly get attached to it.

Above all, it was not just about the characters but the relationships and bonds that we learned from them – from the way Chandler owned up to Joey and did everything he could to make it up to him when he slept with Kathy to how Monica dressed as a Turkey to cheer Chandler up.

However, let’s look at some of the most underrated comebacks from Friends that are ridiculous and can be used as great excuses

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Hence, remember folks if you’re ever having a bad day and just want to laugh for hours on an end, this is the show for you!

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