Social Media is a weird place and I’m not saying this, but the bluff stories are. Imagine an egg surpassing Kylie Jenner as the most-liked picture on Instagram!

How a wink by Priya Varrier softened the hearts of the ‘Sakht Laundas’ of the entire nation! Besides, can we really live a day without memes?

However, my personal guilty pleasures are the lamest WhatsApp family group forwards. You know the ones that give you the moral anxiety to like them or else it’s gonna be a lifetime of bad luck for you!

These memes are the epitome of marketing strategies ever created on the face of this planet. Honestly only Dhinchak Pooja could surpass the excellency of their PR team.

Allow me to show you some examples of the above-par excellency of the meme lords in India.

Now I know why the drains are clogged with hair.

Post Modern version of Break Up Party! ‘Dhoka milaa? like karo.’

Couples- *Wakes up in the middle of the night*

*checks phone*

Me- *Wakes up in the middle of the night* *checks fridge*

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I am going to hell for this!

If you’re reading this, Kitne ki shart lagi thi?


500 Rupees nikalo ab!

Science bows down to the greatest invention in the history of Biology.

I personally admire the kind of thoughts and creativity put into each of those posts. My blogs don’t even cross 200 views.

Having said this, the undisputed ruler of Social Media is Tik Tok. There, I just said it!

Disclaimer: Like if you’re on the Devil’s side. Comment if you are on Jesus’ side. Ignore for a lifetime of Bad Luck!

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