I am not cool. I don’t have a ‘shiz’ life. Nothing about me is ‘in’.

And I am completely fine with it.

However, the saddest part is that the Internet seems to hell bent on making me feel like I’m not really living as long as I am not conforming to the Internet’s definition of cool. Everywhere I look, my eyes are sore with propagandas of how cool this themed food joint is, how that clothing line is going to make me look so attractive and similar gibberish.

My life has more meaning than buying the newest summer ’17 collection.

Also, my mood doesn’t depend on how strong my eyeliner game is.

This is what makes me happy:

I am content with a lazy weekend, curled up on the bed, with a book. I may not want to eat out every Friday. Home delivery or sometimes, even instant noodles is just fine with me.

People who have the energy to go out and party have my full respect. But dear party animals, just because I haven’t visited the poshest club or been to the newest fine dine restaurant does not mean I do not have a life.

I am most comfortable in my shorts and tees. I have maybe, like, FIVE expensive clothes and that works for me. I don’t believe in living a lush, plentiful life in my twenties and then having to cough it up throughout my later years.

There are more significant things to do…

More importantly, I and many others like me are still studying. We do not have a lot of money to throw around and practicality forces us to be calculating sometimes. Blogs which state, “Leave everything right now and head to Goa this Sunburn” are not really our thing. Goa will happen in due course of time but right now, paying my semester fees happens to be my primary concern.

Given the circumstances, it would be really nice if the Internet stopped defining my life with its list of “MUST HAVEs”, “MUST Dos”, “MUST VISITs”  and a myriad of other senseless, expensive musts. Take a look at the following link:


Celebrity worship is just stupid

Another disturbing social media tendency is the intent to create hype regarding every little thing a celebrity does. Blogs starting with “Things Mr. X did for his girlfriend’s birthday will make you feel so poor” makes our lives look like such failures.

The Internet tends to pass continuous judgments on the way we live our lives and if it’s not fancy enough, you don’t have a life.


This does more harm than good

I have come across people who deliberately put up false check-ins to fancy places in an effort to look cool. It is not even their fault and it is extremely unfortunate that some should feel the need to do this in an effort to blend in. We tend to be so influenced by the Internet that many of us term the apparently ‘not-so-cool’ people as lacking a life. This has got to stop, dear readers.

In doing so, we drive some people into the pressure of living a falsely fancy life. One might be eating from a roadside dhaba but checking into a five-star lounge on Facebook. Such people may go on to develop severe identity crises later on in life.

Very soon, Internet judgements are going to get ruthless and God forbid, we’ll start socialising based on what brand the person wears!

Your idea of happiness might be a cup of homemade coffee, reading your favorite novel while dressed in your worn trousers right inside your own house.

And that is perfectly fine.

In fact, it’s brilliant that you can find your joys from the little things of life!

Let no one dictate you the terms of your life, especially not social media.

Dear Internet, you’re a virtual piece of entertainment and it would be nice if you stayed just that way, thank you very much.

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