College is not just about studying, taking exams and getting a degree, but also learning various life lessons. 

The biggest one would be around living under a budget. 

Students in college don’t really have a lot of cash to spend around frivolously, full-time ones cannot do a part-time job and even internships are limited to the summer vacations. 

Additionally money earned from internships is barely anything, the rest comes from your own savings or however much the parents deem acceptable to give to you. 

It is also interesting how easy it is to spend money in college, there is so much to do, especially after the rigidity of school. 

There are fests, which have passes, food stalls, then there is eating out with friends, going shopping, auto/metro fare, book expenditure and more, that empty your wallet faster than you can imagine. 

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So it is extremely important that you know how to save and spend money in an effective way without going broke at the end of the month. 

#1. Take Books From Seniors

A good way to save up on cash is to buy used books, especially if they are from your own seniors. 

Not only might you get a discount but you could also get the side notes that they might have made on the margins of the books. They could come in handy during exam time and allow you to understand the concept better. 

#2. Make Sure To Get Student Discounts

Coming to spending, there are a lot of ways to spend your money, smartly, one way is to ask for student discounts. 

Online and offline facilities both these days are offering heavy student discounts, of course, being sneaky they don’t always advertise it that much. 

Apps like Spotify and even cafes and eateries often give discounts to students, so make sure to inquire about it whenever visiting an establishment.

#3. Share Auto

Back to saving money, a great way to save up on money is by sharing an auto to and from your college and metro station. 

Say you spend Rs. 30 as an individual while going from college to the metro station. In sharing, you will only be spending Rs. 10-20 max depending on how far the station is. 

You can also share an auto mid-way till your destination and then change to either a metro or take an auto from there. 

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#4. Sell Old Semester Books

Another way to get some extra money to spend is to sell old semester books at bookstores. There are some in Satya Niketan, Chandni Chowk, Chawri Bazaar which do buy used or old books as long as they are not in extremely bad condition.

These days though, there are also online portals that you can join and sell your books there. You can even reverse my first point and sell your old semester books to juniors.

#5. Eat At College Canteen

Saving is tough, especially when it involves eating out with friends at expensive and picturesque locations, like CP, Hauz Khas Market, the Cafe Coffee Day in Taj Hotel, etc. 

Try to limit these expenses by eating at your own canteen, which is more affordable. A tip would be to get on friendly terms with the canteen lady/uncle and they might give you a bigger serving of that rajma chawal that you like so much. 

#6. Set Weekly Savings Goal

Spending money is always so satisfying, but before you get to that, it would be great if you set a weekly saving goal. 

This way you save some for a rainy day and limit your spending so they don’t go overboard.

#7. Take A Teaching Side Job

Another way to have some extra cash is to take up teaching as a side job. These days there is a lot of scope for teaching young children anywhere between 4th class to 7th/8th class. 

These few tips can help you save some money for your future education and make sure that you are not completely broke after graduating.

If there are any tips or tricks you have up your sleeve, make sure to let us know in the comments below.

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