I’m sure that when we talk about Delhi University all we think of is the fun, fests, events, and the hangout places.

The last and the most important thing which comes to our mind is our study material. Yes, this blog will help you exactly with that.

So, your internals/semester exams are finally approaching and you are on the lookout for the study material. At no time, it makes sense for you to buy first-hand books and especially first-hand books which cost you a fortune.

Considering we only have to study seriously for less than a month, second-hand books and printed notes make so much sense unless you have the hack of getting first-hand books on a cheap.

We curated a list of book markets in Delhi that sell books and also offer guide books and old exam papers for a cheap price.

Ber Sarai offers all the books you need at a cheap cost

1. Ber Sarai

This place is a nerd’s paradise situated near IIT and opposite to JNU. You will find all the books of your curriculum at a bargain, available in both second-hand books and first hand in cheaper rates than other book markets.

2. Nai Sadak, Chandni Chowk

Nai Sadak is an old Delhi favourite for all your stationery and book needs. You’ll find shops on both sides of the street selling second-hand as well as cheap first-hand books.

The best part of this market is that even if you buy a first-hand book here, it will cost you next to nothing. In fact, not only books, you’ll find various stationery shops selling all the stuff that you need at wholesale prices.

3. Kamla Nagar Market

A bubbling hot spot for all DU students, Kamla Nagar Book Market near North Campus has a plethora of book shops that sell both first hand & second-hand books. Almost all the shops here sell books according to the curriculum that is followed in DU.

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4. Daryaganj

Daryaganj not only has academic books, but the shops also have a collection of other novels that you can read.

Famous for its Sunday Book Market, books of all genres are available here at throwaway prices including books sold according to KGs.

5. Paharganj Market

The place is famously known as the backpackers’ ghetto. The book bazaar in Paharganj consists of books ranging from your college curriculum along with other books that you might require for reference including previous year exam papers.

With a large variety of books available in the market, you can be sure of finding the book you’re looking for. One of the shops here, Jackson Book Shop is a one-stop-shop for all your study material needs.

6. Photocopies of study material

Photocopying our notes has always been the last resort which has worked perfectly for our exams as well as our pockets.

Every college has a photocopy shop which usually provides you with cheap study material of mostly all subjects.

Photocopies are very cheap and when books are not available in the market, photocopying turns out to be the best alternative.

But if you want something cheaper then head to Shri Shyam Photostat in South Campus and within 400 bucks you can get all your study material.

7. Notes from seniors

This has worked the best for me in my two years in college. I’m sure everyone has senior friends who might just give you their notes for free or for a minimum price which is cheaper from anyplace.

Although the study material might not be up to date, this trick usually works most of the time.

These are the well-known markets and dependable ways on which you can depend on your cheap study material demands every semester. As such there are other places as well and we would love to hear from you guys if you know any specific place.

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