Disclaimer: Originally published in November 2017. It is being republished since it still remains an interesting topic till today. 

Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, London Bridge, Big Ben, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the River Thames… All these come to mind when you think of London, right?

That’s not all there is to the city, however. The aforementioned sights of the city get a lot of tourists and eyeballs. But, like any other city, it has a lot of sights that are truly underrated; Sights that need to be seen by many more people from around the world.

Here are a few of them,

1. Don’t go if you’re high. Trust me.

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2. Caves under the great city of London? You gotta be s#!tting me

3. England has a Sistine Chapel of its own

4. A good-ol’ food market, right at the heart of this Cosmopolis

London is a great city to visit. Its dour weather notwithstanding, it has great sights to see and wonderful people to meet. However, don’t stick to the pretty, glossy tourist brochures you see. Check out places such as these to catch a different flavour of this great cosmopolitan city. Ciao.

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