Disclaimer: Originally published in December 2017. It is being republished since it still remains an interesting topic till today. 

The recent ban on condom adverts across 900 television channels in the time frame between 10 am and 6 pm by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry makes us question their sexually regressive mindsets.

In the second-most populated country in the world with current population standing at 1.3 billion, the benefits of condom awareness are limited to less than 6 percent of the total population.

And how many of us really watch television outside the primetime hours?

Even if the move was directed to reduce the exposure of “unhealthy content” to children endangering their safety, we cannot deny that there are various channels of media and information over which we have no control that is accessible to children.

Instead of lamenting over the fact that we are going back in time to the days when we felt suffocated to our breath talking about the most natural things on earth as we hit puberty, let’s take a breath and check out some “appropriate content”.

“Appropriate” or “Inappropriate”?

That is not a foregone conclusion yet.

First of all, watch this Telugu condom ad and decide whether it’s better than the normative Indian condom ads with sexual undertones.

This ad might tickle your funny bones but let’s not delay in admiring how broad-minded it was considering the time it went viral.

Sexual Urges Are Normal

In our society where talking about sex is glaringly eyed upon as being non-acceptable, this ad disperses the taboo around reluctant conversations by demonstrating that we should use condoms with or without multiple partners.

Sexual Urges Are Normal

And, sexual desires are our basic needs!!

Sex Is Non-Binary

While most condom ads fail to address the same-sex relationship, this ad talks about how gay people need to use condoms against STIs in addition to HIV.

Sex Is Non-Binary

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Even Women Can Use Condoms

With the target market aiming at men mostly, this ad reminds us how women can use condoms as a means for not relying on their partners all the time to prevent unwanted pregnancy and STDs.

Even Women Can Use Condoms

Unfortunately, women in rural areas are prone to sterilization methods being the most prominent source of contraception which can be dangerous at times. Advocating the use of female condoms doesn’t come at a price at least.

P.S. No offense to the much mature Sanskaari and Susheel folks.

Sexual impropriety is not at stake but our lives are!!

No Sexual Objectification Of Women

Women are usually treated as sex objects at men’s dispense in most of the condom ads. So, this ad comes free of women being misinterpreted as being playful when she shows resistance.

Sexual Objectification Of Women

Detailed Demonstration Of How To Use A Condom

Last but not the least, the solution to many struggles we face while experimenting how to use a condom is discussed on point.

One Should Know How To Use Protection

From carefully observing about the date of manufacture to effectively wearing and dispensing them, this ad is replete with all information one cannot avoid.

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Sources: The Guardian, Business Standard 

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  1. Even rapes are still considered taboo and rapists are seen with condemnation. Can you make an article on legalizing rapes to show the same free mindset of natural urges? And please do not lecture on consensus here as there are many rapist women who show their bodies to everyone without ever taking consensus.


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