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How To Enhance Your 8-Ball Pool Experience


Just like many other games, pool is also played online these days. When you play 8 ball pool offline, there are many things that help to enhance your gaming experience. From the pool table and scraping pool sticks to the sound of hitting the cue ball, everything adds to the excitement of the game.

In the online version, you need to sharpen your skills by initially playing practice games on an online platform. Your internet connection also plays a vital role in providing you a good experience.

We all deserve time for ourselves away from all the chaos in life. But you may only get weekends for yourself and travelling to a pool club to play pool is too much hassle. The pool game online comes to your rescue.

Go through the article to learn some tricks to improve your 8-ball pool gaming experience.

Good Accessories

Accessories may help you have a better, more authentic gaming experience, but you should choose them carefully. For instance, when it comes to buying a gaming headset, don’t just pick up anything. A perfect headset can give you a great gaming experience. While finding a perfect headset, you should go for the top-notch sound quality. You may try as many headsets as you want until you find the perfect one. Clarity is the key: from pool sticks shooting the cue ball to the target ball reaching the pocket, you should not miss any sound.

After good sound quality, the next thing is comfort. Nobody likes a headset that always gets displaced and needs re-adjusting time and again. You don’t need something that’s too tight or slides down the head. Some gamers prefer noise cancellation headphones to stop the outside noises from disturbing them. To pick your perfect headset, talk to the players who use headsets and do some research on the internet.

Play Without Interruption

No one likes it when the game is interrupted due to a bad internet connection or any other reason. You can even lose a game due to that. If you are using the web version of a pool game online and feel like that game is stopping/crashing or running too slowly, close all the unnecessary tabs and use a stable wireless network. In case, your browser was playing in the background for a while, restart it before another game.

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Many players play pool game online using mobiles. No matter whether you are playing on an Android device or an IOS device, close all other applications. You should not multitask while playing a match. Update and reinstall the app if your gaming experience is not smooth. Pool requires rapt attention and interruptions can make you lose a game. So be fully focused on the game.

Share Your Gaming Experience

You can share your gaming experience with your friends on social media. There are various sites, such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, where you can share your gaming experience as well as learn different tricks from other gamers. It would be even better if the gaming platform lets you directly share your gaming experiences. You can also get in touch with famous players and play with them. That will also help you sharpen your skills.


After spending a whole week in your workplace, you need a break at the weekend where you can sit back and enjoy gaming. To stay recharged, whenever you get some free time, grab your device, open the app/website and start playing pool. The tips above should help you have a great gaming experience.

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Sources: India Today, Tech Radar, Digital Trends

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