OpED: Here’s Why Millennials Believe Their Lives Are Tougher Than Previous Generations

Okay, so here are some common grouses we millennials hear from our parents and grandparents on an almost DAILY BASIS:

  1. In my time, I had to travel barefoot across 500 kms of desert/rainforest/snow-clad mountains with no company except the family bullock to reach school. You have it so easy.
  2. In my time, we had to go to libraries and newspaper archives to dig for information. You have it so easy.
  3. In my time, we communicated with each other by lighting a candle in the North Tower and hoping our friends see it (a la Game of Thrones). In the age of mobile phones, you have it so easy.


We don’t have it easy.

Yes, technology has advanced, and so we have certain conveniences that were not available to the previous generation.

However, this can be said of every generation- our parents had TV, unlike our grandparents, and our grandparents had telephones, unlike their parents.

The next generation after millennials will also have access to technology that we can’t even think of.

However, as the world has advanced, it has also become a lot more complicated.

Life may be more convenient, but it is certainly not easy.

Some of the factors that make our lives difficult are:

Extremely high rent in metros

Most millennials move out of their home towns for work or education. The rising rent, cost of living, food etc does not give us the chance to save much money.

Pressure to become engineers

We live in the digital age, unlike our parents when they were younger. Since everything happens with the blessing of the Great Computer Lord, there is more pressure on us to study engineering (whether we want to or not) and conquer said Computer Lord to make a living.

Peer pressure on social media

Back in the Stone Age, our parents didn’t have social media. So they were free to live their lives with relatively less loser syndrome when seeing all the “look how fabulous my life is” posts by their friends.

Now, social life has become a popularity contest of chasing likes and views, which adds pressure to present ourselves a certain way. And if we leave social media, people tease us saying we are oldies. Is there no way to win??

Watch me give my opinion here:

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The pressure on us millennials is far more than the previous generations.

Not only are we under constant scrutiny from our parents, we are always under the eyes of our peers as well, thanks to this monster-masquerading-as-an-angel known as SOCIAL MEDIA.

If you have any more points to add, mention them in the comments below.

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