Our generation is definitely very talented and extremely hard working. We call it “hustle” and “never giving up”, etc. But there is a certain thing we all tend to do wrong. We tend to multi-task and overachieve things.

Uni-tasking is very important right now, as in, we need to prioritize our tasks/goals and work towards them instead of trying to do hundreds of things at once.

Our energy needs to be channelized in a certain direction in order for us to achieve our goals.

Here are three P’s which will definitely help you improve your lives and smash those targets down.

This is not any sort of personal preaching. These are learnings I have received from people who became my mentors and have contributed towards the improvement of my own life.


From a TED talk I recently heard, here is a quote:

“Two days are most important in your life – the day you were born and the day you realize why.”

And here is another one from Oprah Winfrey:

“There’s no greater gift than to honour your life’s calling. It’s why you were born. And how you become most truly alive.”

If your work has no purpose, you will keep living a life that has no meaning. Take the example of Michael Phelps.

There was a time he went into a serious low phase in life due to not knowing the purpose of so many medals. Someone asked him why he swims and why he won so many races, and he had no answer to that.

If you closely observe, every great person that we have seen has a purpose – Bill Gates, wanted to change the world for good and give the common man something more to live for. He founded Microsoft and then the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Steve Jobs – although he knew he would die soon, continued doing his work for the greater good. He saw a vision of Apple products being natural extensions of the people who use them, so that they can connect to technology at a different level altogether. Today, iPhone is a status symbol.

Once you find a purpose, you will lead a better life and know why you are doing what you are doing, instead of blindly following trends and trying to meet expectations.

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A disastrous thing we do is that we look at the end goal, and want to reach it as soon as possible, with minimal effort.

There is a process for every single thing in this world and one has to go through all the steps, one at a time, properly, in order to achieve any goals/targets. The best example is the failure rate of startups.

Almost 70% of the startups scale too early expecting profit too fast. Most of them end up failing before they’ve even reached the world stage.

Similarly, if one realizes their purpose in life, and sets a goal, the next thing to do is to embrace the process and know that not everything is going to come easy.

Anything that comes easy, either is not good enough, or is obtained by unfair means.


The power that planning gives to an individual is not comparable to anything else in this world. You cannot always have 100% control on life and how things go, but imagine the fact that you can control at least 70% of it through planning and the rest is left to life, destiny or luck, whatever you believe in.

Unless you have a plan for the process, having a purpose is almost useless. All the three P’s are synced together and any one of them missing will cause instability.

It is much better to plan for the future instead of being afraid of it.

These three can never be inculcated or realized by a person in a single day. Taking time is natural and totally alright. Getting to the target at your own pace is more important than getting to it before anyone else does.

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Sources: Skilled At Life, Goalcast

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