Do you often find yourself thinking about the crazy number of possibilities (or impossibilities) of a real or even imaginary problem?

Or maybe you too screw your brain one-thousand times over whether or not you said the right thing or did the right thing.

If you answered any or both of them with a sighing “Yes”, then welcome to the ‘Over-thinkers Club’.

Just the way alcohol, smoking or even Netflix are addictions, overthinking too is a sort of addiction. Now you must be mentally consoling yourself by saying that– I am not addicted to overthinking, just that I cannot control it at times.

But then mate, addiction itself means a habit over which you cease to have control and it controls you instead.

Overthinking is like that fiery sun in Glucon-D ad which sucks all the energy out of the body and mind and drains you completely.

It pulls you on one hand in the past occurrences or future apprehensions, never letting you set your foot firmly in the present for a few good seconds.

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Learn To Live In The Present

Almost every second motivational guru and therapist friend in the gang would tell you to live in the present. And it is not just for the sake of saying it. Living in the present solves problems that aren’t even born yet.

When you keep your mind focused on the present moment, you

  • are fully engrossed in whatever you do,
  • function with a free mind and
  • are not bothered about what may or may not be.

In short, the more you live in the present, the happier and more at peace you will stay.

But the question is –

How To Live In The Present?

Living in the present- a thing easier said than done. But with little conscious and focussed effort, we all can manage to pull our fragmented thoughts to the present moment and reside there.

The first thing to do is to observe your surroundings. The falling of water from a fountain, colour of the floor beneath your feet, the person sitting beside you in the metro and any and everything. In doing so, you’ll be in connection with the reality of daily life.

Find joy in the small things. Why do you think 3-year-olds live life to the fullest? It is because they find joy in the smallest of things in life, the rising of the sun, the morning dew on the grass, the chirping of birds and every small thing that we tend to overlook.

Finally, eliminate the negative thoughts that come to your mind. Every time you catch yourself overthinking about something, correct yourself and push yourself to find better ways to think about the same problem.

This would work or this won’t – let us stop overthinking about that and start working on overcoming overthinking itself!

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