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Nap is the most beautiful instance of the day. While science suggests that sleeping 7-8 hours a day is important, everyone can’t complete the cycle at night. 

I love napping in the afternoons as it is the most relaxing break between a tiring day in college and assignments in the evening. This makes my life a bit less frenzy.

Helps Regain Focus

After putting your head into all the readings and classroom sessions, mental fatigue brings your concentration level down. Your body might not want rest, but your mind does. With an afternoon nap, I gain better focus and a fresh state of mind, which restarts me for another shot of mental work. 

Naps also help me memorise easily. Also, my information retention capacity increases after taking a nap, as opposed to days when I don’t. 

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It not only helps my mind freshen up, but also makes my body regain its share of sleep, which is lost in doing late-night work. It definitely boosts energy levels as I am able to complete some parts of the assignments after the naps.

Betters the Mood

After having a stressful day at work or in college, one wants to run away from anxious thoughts. An afternoon nap helps in settling down those thoughts. The evening following an afternoon nap feels less irritable and increases the capacity for tolerating frustration.

Sleeping helps to uplift the mood when you have a frustrating day. Instead of shouting at family members and throwing tantrums around, one can sleep and feel the difference for themselves. 

It is a tried and tested fact that afternoon naps have helped control blood pressure and reduce stress. Sleeping for half an hour can do the magic. It works for me, and therefore, I try to sleep in the afternoons whenever I get time. 

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