Sleep is something dear to most of us. While some are blessed with naturally rejuvenating sleep cycles, others may have trouble feeling well rested regardless of how long they spend being horizontal.

While there are many well-known tactics to tackle sleep issues such as meditation, exercise and reducing screen time before you retire to the world of dreams, did you know that sharing this experience with a significant other can significantly boost your sleep quality?

Read on to find out more. (For the single folks out there, don’t fret, this applies to your furry companions as well)

1. It’s actually healthy!


Sleeping together releases oxytocin – a hormone that helps you feel calm and protected (like the bliss of a warm hug). This leads to lower blood pressure levels as well as reduced inflammation. It can also strengthen your immune system.

2. Sync-ed sleep

When you and your partner share the same bed, you’re more likely to wake up together. This syncs your circadian rhythms leading to the both of you waking up refreshed allowing for more quality time with each other!

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3. Happiness boost

Sleeping with a person you love releases the “feel good” hormones dopamine and serotonin making you a happier person each time. A happy mind equates to a life full of enthusiasm and energy to conquer the day ahead.

4. Fall asleep faster

When you’re sleeping with someone, the likelihood of your own racing thoughts keeping you from falling asleep is much lesser. Due to the feeling of safety and comfort, you’re likely to have more REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep improving your overall sleep quality.

5. Get better overall sleep quality

Aside from directly benefitting sleep, spending quality time with your partner on the bed before you go to sleep can be beneficial too! Whether it be having a conversation going over each other’s day, cuddling, reading or being physically intimate, your body will release sleep-friendly hormones to help you catch that relaxing zzz’s.

Hope this helps!

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