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Yesterday, I was talking to my friend when he said, “Yaar ye relationship- wagerah sab bakwaas hai, time-waste hai sab” [“Friend, this relationship and stuff is of no use, it’s a sheer waste of time”]

Then, I was forced to think, Is that true?

Teenage relationships are the most criticized ones, especially in the Indian setup. Don’t be mistaken, we do not embrace adult romantic relationships either.

Indian parents’ standard dialogue is, “Ye pyar-mohabbat se dhyan hata ke padhai pe lagao.”

But, when we think deeply the question arises, being in a romantic relationship, can’t one focus on his/her career?

Relationships in India are supposed to be a BIG distraction for teenagers. It is assumed that if a teenager is in a relationship, he/she is on the verge of destroying his/her career.

“Qki Pyar Mohobbat Dhokha Hai, Padh Lo Beta Mauka Hai.” 

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But I believe that romantic relationships are not always a distraction. Teenage relationships have their own benefits.

Firstly, the couple grows together, emotionally. Two individuals develop an understanding of the world and intimate relationships together. They get to know what heartbreak is and how relationships are not always about the honeymoon period.

After facing the harsh reality, if they remain together, they are sure to stay together forever.

Secondly, a person explores his needs and expectations while being in a relationship. Having a relationship at an older age with constant pressure to get married may not give a person enough time to know his partner and analyze his expectations from a relationship. If partners have different needs and expectations, the relationship is not likely to succeed.

Thirdly, as people say, communication is the key to a relationship. Teenage relationships allow a person to develop communication skills and help them open up in front of their partners, thus reducing emotional baggage.

Fourthly, we need to understand that sex is an essential part of a relationship. No matter how much your partner loves you and cares for you, if you do not find yourself sexually compatible with him/her, you will lose connect, sooner or later.

Teenage relationships allow one to check emotional as well as sexual compatibility.

P.S. Don’t forget to use protection.

Last but not the least, a couple should be mentally mature to appreciate the fact that career is of utmost importance. If the couple is mature enough, the worldly pleasures cannot distract them. Rather than being a distraction, the partners become constant support for each other.

So now, before making a decision about dating, don’t consider what the world says, consider the maturity of your prospective partner.


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