It was something to see #DisRespectOfARRahman trending on Twitter considering the revered position he enjoys as a world recognised musician.

The Indian music composer, producer, singer, and songwriter, has won a lot of acclaim and accolades for his work and made his country proud on the global stage constantly. So why exactly would such a tag trend in the first place?

Apparently, it had to do with the police coming and stopping his concert while he was on stage in Pune and people taking offence to it.

AR Rahman’s Pune Concert

A clip of the same was posted by several people on Twitter showing how the police officer came on stage and stopped the concert.

On Sunda, that is 30th April AR Rahman was holding a live concert in Pune’s Raja Bahadur Mills when suddenly while he was performing his last song Chaiyya Chaiyya the police walked onto the stage and demanded that the show be stopped.

The reason for doing so is the city’s rule against allowing public events to go past 10 pm, In 2005 the Supreme Court had banned the use of loudspeakers and music systems in public places from 10 pm to 6 am excluding emergencies as a way to tackle noise pollution.

“As the deadline of 10 pm had passed, we asked him (Rahman) and other artistes to stop the show. They followed the instructions and stopped the show,” Santosh Patil, the Bundgarden police station inspector in the video was quoted by the PTI explaining what happened.

Rahman also said that “Okay. I think we overpoured love and we are overboard the time. That’s it, we are done. Timing is over. I like this. Thank you city of Pune, the organisers, and the amazing band.”

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While AR Rahman himself did not really mind the interruption or the police coming up to the stage, it seems that others did.

Rahman actually even made a tongue-in-cheek comment about it in his tweet calling it a ‘rockstar’ moment. But others felt it was disrespectful of the police to do that to the musician.

One user on the platform wrote that “If talents and stalwarts like AR Rahman are treated this way then nothing can be said #DisRespectOfARRahman. @ARRahman” while another tweeted how “Stopping a concert in mid song is highly insulting. A man who brought global fame to India is being treated in this manner. #DisRespectOfARRahman @arrahman.”

Another Twitter user wrote that “he is a good person who has made the country proud on many platforms. Pune police should not have inslted R Rahman @arrrahman #DisRespectOfARRahman”.

Soon the tweets got to the extent that #DisRespectOfARRahman was trending on Twitter.

One user tweeted that “The ending was the saddest. With no offence to anyone, things could have been done with peace and on a lighter note. #ARR you rocked. Love you” and another wrote “Indian police is the legal version of an average Indian uncle. They hate fun, they hate couples.”

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