The prestigious Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) has yanked Diljit Dosanjh’s “Punjab 95” from its schedule. There is no mention of the movie on the festival website, thus it has been speculated that it has been taken from the schedule.

The movie’s producers declared in July 2023 that it would make its world premiere at the prestigious film festival this year. 

“Punjab 95” movie poster

Reasons Why It Won’t Premiere

Although neither the festival nor its creators have issued an official statement, reports said that a number of “political forces at play” were responsible for the film being withdrawn from the Toronto Film Festival. One of the prime reasons could be that after India, Canada has the largest Sikh population in the world. 

In the film, Dosanjh plays human rights campaigner Jaswant Singh Khalra and the movie is based on his life, and is  directed by Honey Trehan, who previously directed the Netflix thriller “Raat Akeli Hai.” 

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About The Movie 

According to the description on social media, the movie narrates Khalra’s journey in revealing a network of deadly corruption in Punjab’s turbulent era. This unfolds following Operation Blue Star, the killing of Indira Gandhi by her bodyguard, and the violent 1984 Anti-Sikh Riots, which led to increased police authority in apprehending individuals on suspicion.

Khalra served as the manager of a bank located in Amritsar, a city situated in the northern region of Punjab State, India. He undertook an inquiry into the unlawful homicides and cremations of numerous individuals which involved the Punjab police. 

Unfortunately, the police declined to collaborate during the period of militancy. Khalra’s whereabouts were last confirmed in September 1995 near his residence in Amritsar. Subsequently, in 2005, six police officers were found guilty and sentenced for their involvement in his abduction and death.

What Did CBFC Say? 

Supported by RSVP Movies, the film submitted an application for approval from the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) in December 2022. However, it took half a year for the movie to receive the necessary clearance.

The Indian regulatory body, CBFC, approved the film with alterations, totaling 21 edits, including a modification of the movie’s title. Initially named Ghallughara, a term referring to the massacre of Sikhs, the film underwent changes. The CBFC issued an “A” certificate for the movie’s suitability, along with modifications to dialogues, accompanied by a disclaimer.

According to reports, the board mentioned that specific segments of the film had the potential to incite violence and might lead to the radicalization of Sikh youth, thereby impacting India’s integrity and its relationships with foreign nations.

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