The whole phenomenon of using artificial intelligence (AI) to create images of varied scenarios, that can range from simple to extremely bizarre and strange is not dying down soon.

Everywhere you look, someone or another is making these types of images using AI artists to put people or celebrities in extremely unique looks, change historical figures, reimagine certain things about heritage monuments and more.

Recently, posts including Friends characters reimagined if they were from India or Adipurush movie characters reimagined as their own characters but better went viral online.

Now, Myntra also seems to have joined the bandwagon with them imagining the iconic Bollywood actor Rekha as Barbie. Considering the whole craze around the Barbie movie, it seems to make sense though, and the fact that it is one of the timeless beauty actor.

What Has Myntra Done?

On 5th June, Myntra, the e-commerce platform posted on their various social media accounts how “We asked AI to reimagine Rekha Ji as Barbie,” along with images of how that would look.

The AI had reimagined Rekha donning different pink outfits from the Barbie movie associated with the iconic doll. Most people generally expressed their amazement at the images, calling them beautiful or how amazing Rekha looked in this avatar.

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Incidentally, though, a lot of users took this post as an opportunity to rant out their grievances with the site regarding various issues like order delays, wrong orders, site issues and more.

Twitter user @Amrita__Arora commented, “Well since you can’t do anything on your own like a simple return pickup, therefore you need to ask AI #zerocustomercare”.

While @Girish_Patraon replied to the post saying “No point using AI. If you are not going to follow proper process in exchange and return as promised on the site. I have stopped using @myntra and will ensure at least 100+ more people stop using it. Third class customer support !”

Image Credits: Google Images

Feature Image designed by Saudamini Seth

Sources: India Today, The Economic, Hindustan

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