Fast food restaurant chain, Subway, has been chastised for a recent advertisement based on the Titanic submarine disaster, in which all five OceanGate submersible occupants were reportedly killed in an implosion. 

The Advertisement 

A big billboard outside a Subway store in Georgia read, “Our subs don’t implode.” 

Subway advertisement

The move has been widely condemned by online users, with many calling it “distasteful.” The Titanic “sub” sign has caused several people to demand that Subway apologize and hold the individual involved accountable.

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How The Netizens Reacted? 

A Twitter User Amanda Butler wrote, “Subway, this is at your store in Rincon, GA (Georgia). Not only is it distasteful, it’s just sad. Do better.” 

Condemning Subway’s move, another user wrote, “Didn’t learn from 9/11. Didn’t learn from (hurricane) Katrina. Trying to make money from others’ suffering is always a bad idea.” 

“What an absolute disgrace for Subway to do this, they should be ashamed that people lost their lives and they think it’s funny. Would they find it funny if this terrible disaster happened to them,” another user said.

Demanding an apology, a user said, “Fire the person responsible for this sign and do a corperate apology, that’s super inconsiderate.” 

The Titanic Implode

The commercial for Subway was inspired by the wreckage of the Oceangate’s Titanic sub, which was discovered on June 22. The ill-fated voyage came to an end when five passengers on a Titanic wreckage excursion sadly died.

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