I always thought propaganda and beliefs were just a part of the content of a political party ideology unless there was this realization of a recent breakthrough for the parties floating their hard-core doctrines into the course content of engineering colleges.

The HRD (Human Resource Development) has decided to introduce a book, Bharatiya Vidya Saar, as a part of the country’s engineering curriculum that would introduce a number of controversial claims on scientific discoveries endorsed by the extreme right-wing parties such as RSS and the members of BJP.

Wait, I already thought I was one of the retarded pass-outs of engineering colleges.

But after this messed-up concept, I am glad that I will be spared from being acknowledged as retarded.

Let me try to wrap my head around the numerous dubious claims that are trying to cement the unproven facts.

Did the Wright Brothers invent airplanes?

Engineering Institutions introduce a credit course distorting facts about scientific discoveries

Are you sure that the concept of electricity and battery didn’t exist in the Vedic ages?

Did you know that the Indians were well ahead of the white people who knew about gravitational forces only after Issac Newton had the famous apple idea?

Content As Per The New Optional Course

Bharatiya Vidya Saar will be offered as an optional credit course in engineering institutes affiliated to the AICTE (All Indian  Council for Technical Education).

The revised syllabus known as ‘Indian Knowledge Systems’ will focus on the importance of Indian philosophies, linguistics and artistic contribution that would bring to light the forgotten Indian contributions that have been supposedly trashed by the Whites as per the notion propagated by the extreme right into believing that Indians were too weak to believe the British.

The book would also weigh in the importance of the four Vedas-Rig, Sam, Atharva, and Yajur meant to bring us back to the roots of Indian culture. The book would deal with topics by diving them into “Reality” and “Myth” section.

Engineering Institutions introduce a credit course distorting facts about scientific discoveries

Topics ranging from Aeronautics, the invention of electricity and batteries along with gravity would speak of an open narrative that personally seems to be nothing more than a brainwashing tactic to entrap students into the said vortex of conservative politics.

Taking the example of Aeronautics, the “Myth” section would talk about the Wright brothers inventing airplanes whereas the “Reality” section would address the introduction of Aeronautics in the Vedic age by Maharishi Bharadwaj 5000 years ago through his epic “Yantra Sarvasva”.

Trickling down to electricity, the book would “bust the myth” about electricity being discovered by Benjamin Franklin.

Folks, get your pride right. Yes, not facts but manufactured pride distorting the history behind inventions and discoveries!!

The book would talk about how electricity was introduced by Maharishi Agastya in Agasthya Sanhita during the Vedic age.

This works for the myth surrounding gravity as per the book. According to the book, gravity was introduced in Rig Veda before Issac Newton in 1666 AD.

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Are Students Going To Take The Content Seriously?

Just like the redundant courses in the curriculum of engineering, students are going to join the course so as to score easy and forget about it right after the exam.

I don’t see the use of teaching this as a part of engineering. We all know that Indians didn’t invent airplanes as there is no single plane manufactured in India used extensively worldwide. Forget facts, it doesn’t even qualify as a well-grounded propaganda.

Talking about the deeper game, this fake knowledge is going to trickle down from universities into schools where we will see endless debates with people believing the BS taught in such books.

Instead of trying to build a better generation, students will be asked to hold a false sense of pride and distant past which will erode away their skills at creativity or the sense of imagining things that can actually culminate in a worthy development from the perspective of scientific skills.

Last but not the least, let’s not try to think about the mechanics behind the sailing of Pushpak Viman across the sky.

Sources: The Print, Reddit India, The Hindustan Times

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