College protests are nothing new, that too for GGSIPU. GGSIPU has faced a lot of protests and even more court cases, making it famous (read infamous). Due to all these matters, the University was forced to de-affiliate from the Amity Law School, Delhi.

And now, the college is yet again in news, once again for all the bad reasons.

Another court case, in which GGSIPU was a party, came to an end recently. The case was listed before the High Court of Delhi which the university won. Now they have revised the annual fees of law students.

What’s the big deal? It happens various times for new batches, doesn’t make a difference for existing students, right?

However, the answer to the above question is NO. The catch here is that the fee has been raised in retrospective effect and the students who took admission in the year 2015-16, now going into the last year of their five year course from this August, will have to pay “arrears” amounting to Rs. 40,800.

According to the latest notice put up on the site of Amity Law School, Delhi and many other colleges affiliated by GGSIPU, this fee has to be paid within 10 days of the issuance of notice through a demand draft.

This notice has created issues for the students, reasons being:-

1.    Huge Amount and Short Time

No one carries Rs. 40,800 in his pocket and arranging this amount in such a short span of time may pose a problem not only for students but their parents also.

The college houses students of all income groups and social backgrounds and maintaining sufficient liquidity of cash may not be the case in every family. However, the notice has prescribed a time period of 10 days which has to be adhered to.

The struggle of the families of such students is unimaginable and putting on them an unprecedented burden with a limited time limit is definitely not done.

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2.    Outstation Students

There are a lot of students in this university who come from faraway places to study here. Most of them go back to their families in summer vacations to enjoy some family time and do internships.

The problem here is that after this notice, they may find themselves in a dilemma because they won’t only have to arrange the sum of money within the stipulated time and come here to pay it off, they would also have to incur unaccounted travel expenses which are sure to imbalance the budget of a bachelor.

3.    Re-admission Fees

Since the fee has now been raised to Rs. 76,200 per annum which is payable at the start of the new session, i.e. around the month of July, the students not only have to arrange for Rs. 40,800 but also for the readmission fees of Rs. 76,400.

Adding them up, the total amount settles down to Rs. 1,17,200 which is indeed huge.

To get away with this problem, college students are running a small campaign. They have sent a letter on email to the Office of Chief Minister of Delhi to nullify this retrospective effect through an ordinance in the Legislative Assembly.

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  1. I have paid 45800 as 4 years arrear fee of my son who is in last year Btech at one go in short notice because the college threatened the students to with hold their EXAMINATION ROLL NO.
    All protests and requests fell to deaf years.
    It is not only a big and unexpected burden on parents but also shows the callousness of GGSIPU.
    They should have increased the fee from 2019 onwards for new admissions if they have won any such court case or whatever reasons instead of putting extra burden on every student from last four years.
    What will they do with crores of arrear fee??
    Pay more to their faculty, improve infrastructure – NO !
    They will invest further and open more such money minting houses.
    No one has a check on them and even law of land supported them.Atleast the court should have given guidelines to revise the fee from this year onwards .


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