The dating world is getting complicated with time. Non-committal relationships are extremely different from traditional romance. It does not begin with talking and holding hands.

This emerged with the release of the film ‘Friends with Benefits.’ These relationships are overtly sexual, and the limits are preset. No romantic selfies, no holding hands in public and only fun. 

What we see today is an enhanced version of these dating practices. Situationships, ghosting, cuffing, and textationships are some terms used regularly in the present dating scenarios.

What Do These Words Mean?

A situationship is a relationship where partners are intimate but not necessarily exclusive. This is only one of the relationships in today’s world. There are many others.

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Cuffing is also one of them. It means to handcuff or trap short-term romantic partners. Funnily, it is based on seasons. In ‘cuffing season,’ one tries to find a short-term partner in lonely and cold winters. Textationships are text-based virtual relationships. All these relationships are becoming normalized these days.

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Against The Traditional Labeling Of Relationships

The traditional labeling of relationships has never been accepted by the millennials and Gen Z. The situationships and textationships are ways to show the world that traditional words do not define them.

The new generation is redefining their lives in their way. They want to be more career oriented and are robotic. They do not wish to get into any type of commitment too soon. 

Are Situationships Really Non-Committal?

Situationships are like partial commitment- a middle ground between commitment and non-commitment. It might feel like following a robotic approach toward romance. But the generation forgets we are humans. 

There are strings attached to every relationship. We share a bond with the other one, even if it lasts for a brief period. One is unable to shun the connection, be it biological or emotional.  

Gen Z has become extremely commitment-phobic, not just in the case of relationships but towards possessions in general. We like to hire an Uber instead of buying a car. We have a freelancing gig instead of committing ourselves fully to a job. So the primary question arises- Why has commitment become so scary for Gen Z?

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