In the world of social media, several trends come and go. Out of these, some gain popularity and go viral, while others don’t. A trend on TikTok, a social media platform, went viral in the past few months.

It is called “the stay-at-home-girlfriend” trend. Since it became viral, the internet has divided as some are loving it, and some do not.

Let us delve in and see what the trend is all about and how people are reacting to it.

The TikTok Trend

In the TikTok trend, young white women, without children, are seen looking after their partners who go to work, while these women spend their time at home and doing things to appease their partners.

The vlog-style, 60-second video takes us through these young women’s days where they are seen cooking in contemporary kitchens, washing clothes, wearing branded outfits every day, indulging in yoga, running errands, and waiting for their partners to come home.  These videos also show receiving money and gifts from their partners and living a lavish life. 

Quite a number of women are seen doing this trend exclaiming that staying at home while their partner goes out is their choice. Of course, it is their choice what they do with their lives, however, it isn’t as glamorous as it looks in the videos.

What Is Problematic?

As mentioned above, these trends are being done by young women in their 20s, who prefer to be at home while their partners go out for work.

It isn’t glamorous because it shows that one person is fully financially dependent on their partner. When one looks at the videos, one aspires to have a life like theirs. However, one doesn’t understand that social media is where people tend to share happy moments of their lives and what they want other people to see about their lives.

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It is possible that behind the cameras, these women might have to constantly ask for money and be financially dependent on their partners. At first, it might seem okay, however, later in life one realizes the importance of being financially independent.

Not being able to financially contribute to the relationship also results in financial abuse and one may fear getting out of the relationship as their source of money might be lost. 

Why Are Women Of Colour Missing?

Another weird thing about this trend is that most of these women who are doing this trend are white young women. The trend usually shows people of the upper class who have a lavish lifestyle and are also heterosexual as these videos show a man and a woman. The reason why women of other colors are not seen doing these trends is that people will quickly judge them to be lazy or gold diggers.

We realize that with time social media has become a positive place with people showing us the hardships and normalizing things that are not considered normal. However, such trends, which look glamorous on the face, but are problematic, are also shared on social media. Hence, one must be careful and observant of what they are consuming and feeding their minds with. 

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