Watch: 8 Fashion Trends That Were Popularized By TikTok

Tiktok has become one of the most engaging applications as a social media platform. Recently we have noticed a spike in its usage, whether it be for viral dance routines or for weird challenges.

But its influence doesn’t end there, it has managed to create a new wave of fashion trends and everybody is subscribing to them.

TikTok is a viral Chinese video making social networking service and since its inception as, a lot has changed. TikTokers have moved beyond just simply lip-syncing to music and now you will find a wide variety of quality material on the app.

From life hacks to relatable funny sketches, everything is on there. Similarly, one such category is fashion videos where Tiktokers tell you how to style different pieces of clothing.

Whether it be your friends or people around you or the famous influencers on Instagram and YouTube whom you follow, you are likely to be familiar with these style prescriptions simply because of their omnipresence.

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Here are a few of these viral fashion trends:

Now you are all caught up on the latest fashion trends popularised by TikTok! How many of them were you familiar with? And how many of them are you personally following?

Even if you successfully resisted making videos on TikTok, these are some trends that you can surely get on board with!

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Sources: Teen Vogue, Marie Claire, PopSugar

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