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Born and raised in Kolkata, this Bong girl shifted to Telangana in the year 2017. Away from home for the first time! The best part of having a home is howsoever faulty it might be, one can always go back there! Stay there, rest there, be at peace there. 

Honestly, my whole 2017 was filled with nihilism, homesickness and what not! Despite enjoying the job and utmost freedom, the emptiness was pulling me down over and over. I was not able to relate to people, food and culture. 

In the year 2018, I felt for the first time, Hyderabad is not a bad place to live in after all. I was sitting in front of Maula Ali Dargah on a breezy February evening with a friend and while planning for the future I thought it’s okay to settle here.

Trust me, that was just the beginning. I gradually found myself enjoying midnight snacks at Madhapur followed by the tender coconut flavoured ice cream from Naturals. A person who hated dosa since her childhood ended up licking her fingers after tasting famous Nanni’s pizza dosa at Tankbund.

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I never realised how the midnight strolls at KPHB (Kukatpally Housing Board), holding the hand of a friend could bring so much happiness and end up becoming the memory of a lifetime. Taking a scooty ride on a cold December night to catch a bus to Hampi or bargaining to get a pair of jhumkas from the street-side shop, I never really realised when I got emotionally attached to this city. 

In the last couple of years, I have made so many new friends, learnt so much about life and love, and Hyderabad was there constantly as a safe hideout. 

The friend who first asked me to stay in Hyderabad is not in touch with me anymore. I met other people and made other friends. I experienced the heat, coldness and the warmth of this city. I have learnt to reply ‘kuncham kuncham’ when someone from the office asks me ‘Telugu matlada?’

This city has witnessed me laughing out loud, making love, and crying hard. It gave me the space to grow up and made me feel safe as a woman!

And that’s how Hyderabad slowly became my home without even giving any prior notice.

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