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The season to be merry is wrapped in a glittering box of holiday spirit, sparkling lights, delectable food, and positive vibes. It is the time when our friends and family easily slot into our itinerary and, for once, our only source of stress is an empty wine glass.

The festive season is about giving as much time as we can to ourselves and our close ones.

Then, why exactly did these festivities become all about gifts to give and receive? Just so people can have a lit Instagram feed? Or is it because corporate machines have successfully influenced people into believing that what we can buy for others define who we are?

Everywhere I go, I see legions of people wandering around the market, stressing about what gifts to purchase and not having enough cash on them to buy something for everyone.

It’s sad how thinking about gifts is another source of anxiety for people these days.

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The desire to shower someone with gifts is supposed to come from the heart and not because a few celebrities on television convinced us that festivals are nothing without gifts. Let’s not forget, they got paid to make us believe that.

Of course, the experience of buying and giving gifts can give you insurmountable joy. But, if you overdo it, then the same experience can translate into a burden.

So what if you could not buy something for your folks this holiday season? You can always save up and surprise them with gifts some other time. You don’t always need to shower people with gifts because of the backdrop of a festival. You can do that whenever you want.

The whole idea that gifts are the most essential feature of festivals is flawed. Festivals are about togetherness, peace, love, and kindness. So forget about gifts and just enjoy the vibe.

That being said, if anyone is holiday shopping for me, I loved the Tesla cybertruck.

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