Watch: Absurd Things Made Out Of Human Skin That Will Make You Cringe

Human beings have engaged in pretty absurd activities over the years but you wouldn’t imagine human skin being used to make products for pleasure or just because they are trendy.

When you hear that human skin is used as raw material you automatically start visualizing tortures and skinning or ancient warfare. But, it wasn’t torturing every time, some people willingly donated their skin or consented for other people to use it.

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Here are a few completely weird things that were made out of human skin and will leave you aghast:


While these are just 5 things, there are many more products made out of human skin. Human leather is quite commonly used in boots and waistcoats. During the ‘Reign of Terror’ in France, it was very normal to use the skin of humans to make waistcoats and no one got creeped out wearing them either.

It is quite uncomfortable to even imagine wearing someone else’s skin as a piece of clothing whether it’s Icelandic pants, waistcoats or leather boots. Some people still find the subject quite intriguing and work quite easily with it too, just like producing soaps made of human fat.

Would you think of making any of your daily use items from the skin of a friend or a family member?

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Sources: The Guardian, Independent UK, History Net, List Verse

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