The new of Air India airlines banning a man who was accused of exposing himself and peeing on a female passenger is surely something that one would think is a joke.

However, it very much happened on a New York to Delhi flight in November last year and the airline also banned the passenger for 30 days while it conducts an investigation into the matter post which it will take further action.

The incident took place on 26th November 2022 in the business class of Air India flight AI-102 where a man who seemed to be drunk eventually exposed and proceeded to urinate on a female passenger in her seventies.

According to an Air India spokesperson “The passenger has been banned from flying with Air India for 30 days or till the decision of the internal committee, whichever is earlier. If found guilty, action will be taken against the unruly passenger as per regulatory guidelines.”

But it is not this incident which is at the crux of this piece, instead, it is what TMC Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra commented in relation to it that is interesting.

What Did Mahua Moitra Say?

On 4th January 2023. TMC leader Mahua Moitra posted on her Twitter that “Bit confused as to how @DGCAIndia (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) works- @kunalkamra88 got a 6-month ban for questioning a co-passenger but another man who peed on an AI co-flyer gets a 30-day ban. Kunal… maybe change tack next time? Clearly more is less”

Moitra seems to be referring to the time when comedian Kunal Kamra was banned for six months by IndiGo and not just that but also by 3 other airlines including SpiceJet, Air India and GoAir ’till further notice’ in 2020.

The incident had occurred in January when Kamra was on board an IndiGo flight from Mumbai to Lucknow and among his passengers, he found Republic New network’s Arnab Goswami.

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Arnab Goswami is a name no stranger to controversies and has now become more of a joke than anything to be taken seriously. However, he still holds some power and seeing his Kamra reportedly had asked for a conversation with the news reporter, and when denied he’d posted a video on his Twitter handle where he was heard saying

“Viewers want to know if Arnab today is a coward or a nationalist. Arnab, this is for national interest. I am part of the tukde-tukde narrative. You should deflate me. You should take the enemy of the states down. You should make sure that the country is in safe hands of Narendra Modi.”

He can further be seen pointing the camera at Arnab and saying “You should fight against dynasts like Rahul Gandhi, who I support, on 10 Tughlaq Lane. Arnab, you should have a reply, Arnab. Arnab, are you a coward or are you a journalist? Are you a coward or are you a journalist or a nationalist? Who are you, Arnab? Who are you?”

Moitra seems to be calling out the double standards of these airlines for giving such a severe penalty to Kamra whereas something like actually urinating on a passenger got just a 30 day ban.

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