Recently, the menu card of the cricketers was flashing hot on all the social media, grabbing the attention of all, both on and off the field, even when it had nothing to do with the sport.

There were a humongous number of hate posts against the BCCI and how the sentiments of the religious groups have been hurt since the introduction of consuming only halal meat, on the menu. 

At the same time, on the other end of our nation in Sabarimala, Kerala, we got to know that a petitioner filed a plea against the usage of a specific type of jaggery, known as ‘halal’ Jaggery in making the sacred prasadam. 

Little did we know that the small routine dietary plan of the cricketers and the savoring prasad of the sanctum would pose objections among people on religious grounds. Wondering what could be synonymous among the two? Read more of this article to find it out!

‘Halal’ Jaggery In The Pious Prasad

In Kerala, a petitioner filed a plea against the usage of ‘HALAL’ certified jaggery in the preparation of aravana and payasam at Sabarimala temple that resulted in an uproar among devotees and people of Sabarimala. 

SJR Kumar, the former president of Vishva Hindu Parishad Kerala, approached the high court to stop the distribution of prasad (Aravana and Payasam), made out of jaggery and rice. It was presumed to be hurting the feelings of the pilgrims and devotees and hence against the usage of any kind of products and beliefs adhering to the Islamic law.

 The jaggery produced is exported to the middle-east too, for which it had been termed so; to be permitted and lawful for consumption, and thus halal. Being a generic term, halal can be used in various facets of life and must not be constricted to only meat.

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‘Halal’ Meat In The ICC Menu 

Similarly, BCCI treasurer, Mr.Arun Dhumal however denounced the reports and claims mentioning that the players were forced to eat only ‘Halal’ and clarified that they were free to have their own dietary plan.

Rather than delving deep into the religious protocols, it’s up to us to conceive that the mention of halal meat in the menu card might have been done keeping in mind the nutritional needs of the player as the meat obtained from animals lacks artificially induced hormones or synthetic products.

A dilemma, To Be Clarified

The whole situation of messing things up because of the menu card rather seemed to be contrived and the vague knowledge of the Islamic world Halal to the petitioner in Sabarimala had instigated people, having an emphatic effect on them.

Halal is an Arabic word used in Islam that means permitted, just, or lawful and is mostly used corresponding to food products, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. Since the term’s usage is beheld in the gullies and shops of butchers, it has become a preconceived notion that Halal is ONLY related to meat.

The animals that are slaughtered in the course of halal are rather cut through the throat at one go, allowed to bleed slowly through specific arteries unlike the process of stunning where the animals have electrocuted with 70 V.

This form of slaughter, however, is not convincing and prohibited in Hinduism and Sikhism due to its procedures thus arousing a mass outburst among the people when the menu card was put forth in the media. 

Need of the hour

Rumors are no new, and instigating people on the grounds of religion and beliefs has become a cakewalk for many. The clarification and pacification of mass outrages digitally and among the people on religious grounds due to the parallel usage of words in various aspects of life is the need of the hour.

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