Disclaimer: Originally published in September 2018. It is being republished since it still remains an interesting topic till today. 

Being a lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans-individual, you might experience mental health problems. If there are any mental health problems related to LGBTQ, you can always ask for help.

The negative impacts of discrimination and marginalization can affect the LGBTQ individuals and groups.

A report stated that “There may be additional inequalities affecting LGBTQ people from ethnic minority communities or those living with disabilities.”

The GLSEN (gay, lesbian & straight education network) reported that 55% of LGBTQ people feel unsafe at school because of their sexual orientation and 33% of LGBTQ people feel unsafe because of their gender expression.

It’s sad that there are doctors who are still unwilling to treat mental health problems related to LGBTQ people. Doctors and therapists are experts, they are trained to provide services. But the medical justification for refusing to treat LGBTQ patients is not clear.

LGBTQ supporters spreading awareness about the community

Here is a list of some mental health practitioners:

1. Breakthrough Counseling

Breakthrough Counseling based in Mumbai has its areas of interest in anxiety, depression, personality disorders, self-harm, and anger management and addiction. You can have face-to-face or online Skype sessions which costs Rs. 750 per session.

2. Paras S.

Paras S. is from Bengaluru who provides face-to-face or online counseling. You can pay whatever you can. Naina Shahri from Mumbai also provides the same facilities.

3. Dr. Arif Maghribi Khan

Dr. Arif Maghribi Khan has different centers in Kashmir. You can donate the money to Sehar welfare trust. It’s free for widows, orphans, and the poor.

4. Sadaf Vidha 

Sadaf Vidha provides counseling for couples, families, groups and single counseling. The counseling is provided in Mumbai. But you can also call, chat or have Skype counseling.

The charges are Rs. 350 per chat, phone calls at Rs. 500 and video at Rs. 600. The fees can be decreased for people with financial issues.

5. Hank Nunn Institute

Hank Nunn Institute has individual and group psychotherapy for adults in multiple cities. The mode of counseling is face-to-face. You can pay what you can. They work on donations.

6. Sneha Janaki

Sneha Janaki from Mumbai provides assistance in the areas of gender and sexuality and trauma. She has also worked with survivors of sexual abuse. The fee can be arranged accordingly for people with financial constraints.

Doctors are trying to help the LGBTQ community

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Why the doctors should support the LGBTQ?

LGBTQ people are now more societally accepted. But that doesn’t mean all LGBTQ people accept their own identities. The LGBTQ youth suicide epidemic continues apace.

In March 2018, Dandekar started a group of like-minded doctors. They had a single aim and that was to make doctors aware of the LGBTQ people and community. They wanted to work for the mental health and physical needs of LGBTQ people.

The group has eight members who specialize in their own fields. They are both from the government and private hospitals. They call themselves ‘Allies of Queer Community’.

Considering TV and movies are more accessible to the rural population than social media, popular TV shows like Satyamev Jayate and The Tara Sharma Show have helped to spread awareness among parents and adults about LGBTQ issues.

If you have any mental health problems related to LGBTQ, confront it in the similar way you would have about your sexuality or gender identity.

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Sources: The Harvard Gazette, INSIDER, ADVOCATE

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