Third edition of Delhi International Queer Theatre & Film Festival (DIQTFF) 2017 is organised in collaboration with Harmless Hugs and Impulse New Delhi by AIDS Healthcare Foundation along with Canada High Commission as its Associate Supporter and ED Times as its Social Media Partners. The festival is scheduled for December 9 and 10 at the Shah Auditorium, Civil Lines New Delhi.  

Vinay Kumar, Founder, Harmless Hugs said, “DIQTFF was an initiative to bring art, culture and theatres to the mainstream and give a new direction to queer movements. It was a journey and a battlefield from roads to creative avenues. We are hoping to strengthen the talent from the community and allies community and give them a platform to show society that we are one of you. This is the first ever platform in India which brought films and theatres together on one platform. We created an amalgamation of the different tastes of knowledge and creativity. This fun and knowledge filled event is also an avenue for LGBT people and allies to learn more about the community and understand themselves better. It was not an easy but exciting journey so far to pull out a huge event third time in a row. And yes all credit goes to the donors, sponsors, volunteers the people who supported us in making this happen.”

“Stigma attached to sexual orientation and sexual preferences have been a major challenge in the society. Platforms like Delhi International Queer Theatre and Film Festival is a unique way to reach out to the society and advocate for equal rights for everyone regardless of sex, gender and sexuality. It also gives an opportunity to the people who are in the closet and still fighting with their identity. Let’s work together for a better and brighter future of the LGBTQIA community in India,” said, Bismaya Kumar Raulo, Program Coordinator – Impulse New Delhi.

Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil of Rajpipla, Brand Ambassador, AHF India Cares mentioned, “The Delhi International Queer Theater and Film Festival is a very good initiative to give a platform to young budding theater and film producers to encourage and exhibit their talents based on LGBT issues. It has been observed that media in form of theater or films is a good way of addressing sensitive issues like LGBT to a mass audience and it helps to change the mindset of the society by the influence of its artists. These kinds of festivals can help in the long term for mainstreaming issues of LGBT in the society which will facilitate to remove misconceptions and create better understanding and acceptance.”

“The High Commission of Canada is proud to, once again, partner with Harmless Hugs for its third Delhi International Queer Theatre and Film Festival (DIQTFF). Canada strongly supports respect for diversity and human rights, and advocates for dignity and equal rights for all regardless of personal characteristics such as sex, religion, colour, race, age, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity or expression. DIQTFF provides a platform for public engagement to build awareness about issues faced by the LGBTI community. Canada remains committed to peaceful pluralism and standing up for the rights of all individuals, and will continue to work collaboratively with international organisations, like-minded countries and civil society organisations towards achieving equal rights for all. The High Commission of Canada extends its best wishes to Harmless Hugs for a successful festival,” said Soyoung Park, Deputy High Commissioner, High Commission of Canada-New Delhi.

Some of the movies to look forward to in the festival can be:

1. Mard (Theatre):

This play talks about the stereotype of masculinity, patriarchy & associated reverse sexism & how a man is looked down upon if he cries or has emotions.

2. The Condom Man (Movie):

This movie shows the Irish struggle to provide core services for haemophiliacs & other HIV/AIDS patients.

3. A Thousand Years of Love (Movie):

Two girls – Wai Hnin and Ingyinn from Burma fall in love. But will Ingyinn’s male fiance and social taboos separate them?

4. Astitva – A Seamless Coming Out (Theatre):

The story of a middle-class boy who is faced with mental pressure from his mom to marry a girl or leave the house.

Delhi International Queer Theatre and Film Festival (DIQTFF) is a brave initiative by Harmless Hugs – one amongst the biggest youth-oriented LGBTQ support group in India. The Film Festival is intended to connect with larger Diaspora of Indian LGBTQ struggle for equal human rights and to reach out to masses via the omnipotence of Media and Cinema. We also have a strong line-up of stirring theatre performances and more.

Movie screenings and plays are well complimented by a round of panel discussions and debates, including some of the biggest names from the Indian LGBTQ Movement. The DIQTF team will also venture into the tumultuous territories of politics, gender disparity, coming out and involvement of families along with touching on important chapters like coming out, emotional well-being, and most importantly, sensitizing and reaching out to the families and other untouched (perhaps homophobic) strata of the society.

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