There are times when certain foods have some really interesting and unique ingredients. They can range from being truly rare and beautiful to something yucky like slime and mucous or various other things.

However, making something truly edible is an art, how the chef gets the results is something only they know, but what if among those interesting ingredients, you found that some could even be drugs?

Yes, it is not as shocking as you might believe to use drugs in food to enhance the flavor of them, and it happens right here in India.

If you have watched Luv Shuv Te Chicken then there is a reference to using drugs in the chicken dishes to make them tastier. While it wasn’t named outright that the drug being used was ‘opium’ for legal and health reasons, but poppy seeds that contain small amounts of opiate has been allegedly used in chicken recipes in Punjab for long.

1. Bhaang:

It is pretty common in Uttarakhand to use bhang seeds in food and chutney in order to accentuate the flavor.

They put crushed bhang seeds in curry to get it to become thick and tasty, just like any other masala. These seeds also work to increase the flavours of the already present masalas in the dish.

They even something like a bhang chutney that mainly uses these bhang seeds.

2. Moonwort and Rattlesnake Fern:

As per the book Indigenous Drugs in India, the commonly known drugs like Moonwort and Rattlesnake Fern or their scientific names called Botrychium Lunaria and Virginianum have also been used in food.

These plants are commonly found around the Himalayas ranging from the north in Kashmir to north-east Sikkim. Moonwort especially has good digestive qualities which make it an apt plant to be used in culinary areas.

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3. Aspirin:

Although not a harmful drug, but the key ingredient in aspirin salicylic acid or salicylates is also present in many of our vegetables. Using them can bring out the same or at least similar results as eating an actual aspirin tablet.

Aspirin ingredients are present in Baingan (eggplant), gobi (cauliflower), and even cucumbers.

4. Poppy Seeds:

Opium poppy has long since been used in culinary acts, as seasoning, actually eating it and even as a main ingredient for the poppy-seed oil.

As per the Indian Institute of Spices Research, one does not have to fear addiction from the use of these seeds since the fluid that the bud of these seeds have that becomes opium, is only present till the seeds are fully formed. Otherwise, opium poppy seeds are pretty good to be used when making breads or baked goods.

Thus, the reason why chicken recipes in India might have used opium or opium poppy seeds is because it is not so uncommon in India, especially the local, regional areas.

A lot of these drugs, when used in food and in the form used, do not have the addictive qualities that they would otherwise have and instead they only add to the flavour and make the dish even tastier.

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