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Before Justin Beiber’s ‘Cold Water’ and ALS’ Ice Bucket Challenge made ice cold temperatures the new ‘cool’, India was much ahead in romancing the cold with Amrita Arora’s famous item song ‘Dilli Ki Sardi’. Of the many hilariously-traumatic Bollywood memories back from when I was quite the stupid kid who danced in front of our televisions set to Hindi songs with questionable lyrics, this bizarre dance number distinctly stands out in my memory. Even with all that lyrical explanation in the verses, my kid brain kept bending backward to figure out why.

You had to drop serious IQ points to understand why on earth Amrita Arora was trying to convince anyone that being in love was not unlike suffering a winter in Delhi. In skimpy clothes, indoors in a nightclub, while splashing a lot of cold water at each other.

Not Kashmir, not Kanyakumari. Not Kutch, not Kohima. It was Delhi’s dropping temperatures that they were fixated on in a movie released in September.

But why, oh why? Okay, this shouldn’t be that difficult. Now that I live in Delhi, and the temperatures have started to drop, I have a few conjectures to explain how love can uncannily be like Dilli ki Sardi.

It creeps up on you when you are not noticing


Not yet.

Not yet.

Not yet.


You never know when Dilli ki Sardi is arriving. You wait, and wait and wait and voila! It surprises you when you least expect it to. Suddenly it’s cold. Suddenly you have fallen in love. And you have no idea when or how it arrived.

Or even if you should be glad about it.

Neither does it leave shooting guns

WInter's gone

Yeah, more like, “Okay bye phir milenge … paar pata nahi kab.” Like those people who keep you on the hook. And you have to keep waiting for it to come back. Maybe never. You are left feeling like don’t have any alternatives.

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When it hits you with full force, you gotta take cover. Literally.


One of the best things about being in love is feeling that warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of your stomach. One of the best things about winter is the warm fuzzy feeling to be in bed under heavy duvets. Nothing, and I mean nothing can convince me to come out of that delicious warmth.

It’s hot now. It’s cold now. It’s hot now. It’s cold now.


And in Delhi, you know that winter has arrived only when you sit in an open vehicle and the cold wind slaps you smack in the face out of nowhere. I mean, it’s sweltering hot outside, but the wind is effing cold! How???

Just like when that special someone is being hot and cold for no good reason? You don’t really know how to deal with that! It’s annoying, but you just gotta put up with it with clenched chattering teeth. That’s love.

Maybe on one particularly poignant November day, Sameer Sir didn’t consider it essential to have any warm clothes on him because the weather was pretty pleasant. Hailed an auto, got in, auto starts moving. And then, Dilli ki Sardi hits him…

People often show off what they don’t need to

Winter coats

Unnecessary trench coats.

Unnecessary cringe-worthy PDA.

Getting the drift?

Nobody can rescue you. Not even Kejriwal.

Kejriwal Winter Meme

We definitely know about the plight of the people in the NCR capital region in the height of winter. Once the winter has arrived in full force, the people just gotta do what they gotta do. Survive it.

Even if you are flailing for help and complaining about the lack of back up in your life, you won’t find anyone to pull you out of it. Dilli ki Sardi becomes your new dulhan. All the Kejriwal promises of better housing for the poor, or even government holidays can’t cushion you.

Being in love, more than often, same to same.

Finally for all the broken hearted ones, and single people

Delhi Smog_love

Well, it’s just my conjecture. Agree, disagree, comment below!

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