The Trump Travel Ban that made practically the entire of U.S. and several other countries cry racism and religious discrimination, is back it seems and this time in full effect.

Although this is still not the final ruling as the federal courts are still dealing with all the challenges and questions that this travel ban is raising including the fact that it still very clearly is a Muslim Travel ban.

Along with clearing up the challenges and getting everything clear and gain acceptance, the justices will also be looking over the legality of the ban itself and make changes accordingly.

There have also been some changes to the countries included in this new list, mainly the removal of Iraq and Sudan while adding North Korea, Venezuela, and Chad a state in Central Africa, which yup, has a Muslim majority population.

The older countries that still maintain their place in the list are Yemen, Syria, Iran, Libya, and Somalia.

Apparently, this new ban is a bit different from the chaotic and obviously discriminatory ban that was issued in January of this year, and has been said by various news sources to be more streamlined, detailed and has well-explained reasons for why each country is in the travel ban.

Now, you might be wondering, why am I, an Indian writing on this ban when clearly India is nowhere on the list and for all intents and purposes should not be affected by it at all.

Well, the questions is this only, that will this ban affect the Indian students or executives in a negative manner?

India’s Muslim Population Will Definitely Be Affected

Although one might say that since India is not on the banned list, there is not much to worry about here.

But our country’s Muslim population might still have to face troubles and deeper probing just based on their religion.

Apart from that, even the Sikh population and general Indians could have to face unfair discrimination considering we all know how paranoid the US is about its security and to them, all brown people look exactly the same and are from the same religion too.

Even if there might be 2 additions of countries that don’t have Muslim majority population, however, none can really deny that the ban still remains extremely anti-Muslim considering how just a few days ago, President Trump tweeted about this video that allegedly showed a Muslim child beating a Dutch boy with crutches. However, that tweet was quickly proven false by various authorities and just goes to show the clearly prejudiced opinions of the president.

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Feeling Of Racial Discrimination

There has been a slight decrease in the amount of international, especially Indian students going to the U.S. due to fear of racial discrimination and the rising power of white supremacists groups.

This has not only made many students not apply but a few have also pulled back their application due to the social unrest that U.S. is currently witnessing.

Little Impact Otherwise

However, if one is to take the actual ban and what it means, in a positive way for India, it will have little impact on a legal level.

Since India is actually on the banned countries list and has relatively alright relations with the U.S. meaning it has almost always shown cooperation and coordination with them, there is not much they can pull against us.

As per many news sites, hopefully, this ban will have no negative impact on the students and/or Indian employees going to work in the States.

But, the ban is still in the process of being worked out and only when the final version is brought out in the legal system can we have any opinion on whether or not it will affect Indian students and executives.

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