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Four years ago,  when I stepped out of the safe havens of my school,  I found myself lost in the overwhelming competition that the world threw at me.

A confused state of mind and a blur future did not make me stand apart from the crowd,  for I was surrounded with a generation of lost students, trying to figure out their way through life.

Competitive exams don’t come with a disclaimer that they might cost you a year of stress and depression. However, for some, it may be the rough patch that leads to the desired destination.

With the board results out, there would be a huge herd of students trying to prepare for various competitive exams. So we tried to talk to some people who’ve already gone through the journey of a drop year,  just to make it clear for the gen-next as to what awaits them.

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Four years down the lane, my vision is less blurred and my goals have a direction, but at times I wish I could go back in time and tell my younger self to relax because life has its ways to figure things out.

I wish I could tell her that four years from then, all the stress, all the gloomy days wouldn’t even matter anymore.

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