Watch: You Will Be SHOCKED To Know That These Are Edible

From petroleum jelly to gallbladder stones!

Reddit is a wondrous place as there are answers to almost everything one asks. I recently came across a thread that describes some of the most bizarre items that are edible. Take a seat, relax, and grab popcorns for the next bit.

When a list contains things this bizarre, one often looks into the choices they made over the years about food, and have a different perspective on life altogether. Being a food blogger myself, I understand the need to be innovative and daring to try out new food, but this does seem a bit far stretched. I assure you, these Redditors are as wild as they come, and now they share their experience.

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For context, all of the food mentioned above are actually safe to eat in varying quantities, some of them even being amazing laxatives.

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Sources: Reddit

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